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Mattel: 625 Trademark Applications in 2010

Mattel Retains its Top Ranking for New Trademarks in 2010

Findownersearch.com, the easy to use website for finding brands and their owners, announces its 2010 ranking of owners and brand categories.

Trumbull, CT - June 14, 2011 - http://www.findownersearch.com, the easy to use website for finding brands and their owners, announces that Mattel, for the third straight year, has maintained its number one ranking for applying for new USA trademarks. In 2010 Mattel applied for 625 new marks versus 577 in 2009- an 8.3% increase.

For the third year in a row, the Education and Entertainment category had the most new trademark applications at 28,716, an increase of about 6% from the prior year.

For a more detailed look at the top branding companies and categories for 2010 and 2009 go to http://www.findownersearch.com Please contact brands(at)findownersearch(dot)com with any questions.

The findownersearch site, available free to all users, combines the latest web technology with extensive brand and owner content to give users a faster, easier and better way to find brand names and owner contact information. Completely redesigned for 2011, the site now allows users to search for trademark lawyers and to easily access state trademark sites.

Whether seeking to buy a favorite brand, finding an old operations manual, contacting an owner, or just checking on a potential brand name, the findownersearch extensive list of brand owners and contact information allows precise and quick access to important information.

For business owners who want to name a new product, marketing executives looking to find out what products their competitors are selling or attorneys helping their company license a brand to or from another company, there is no free database as good as findownersearch.com for brand category information.

Type a name into findownersearch and owner information will be retrieved from millions of entries in the database. Search for any one of thousands of unique categories available: your results are all the brands associated with that one category.

Categories ranging from Bread to Tables can result in hundreds or even thousands of entries. These can be sorted by owner and brand name. The http://www.findownersearch.com interface is designed specifically for use by people looking for brand and brand owner information, which, when combined with the site’s proprietary database of specialized content, allows for the fastest and most accurate search results. By frequent updating of the database findownersearch.com keeps its information very current.

From Abalone to Zabuton, there will be a category to match every need.

"This site is far superior in time saving and accuracy than anything currently available for free on the web," said Steve Wolfson, President of findownersearch.com.

Business owners wanting to list products or services (listing is free) please contact brands (at) findownersearch (dot) com.

http://www.findownersearch.com - "Finding owners made easy"

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