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Hot Toys Superman, Cars 2, Microman, NHL & NFL SportsPicks at Big Bad Toy Store

Big Bad Toy Store

May 28, 2011 - (Sponsor Announcement) - Online retailer BigBadToyStore.com has several new items of interest to collectors:

Hi - Here is a quick update from http://www.bigbadtoystore.com about some new arrivals and another huge batch of new preorders!


MOVIE MASTERPIECE SUPERMAN CHRISTOPHER REEVE 1/6 SCALE COLLECTIBLE FIGURE The long awaited Hot Toys Superman figure is finally up for preorder! We have them available $15 under MSRP at $194.99. This figure comes with a Fortress of Solitude base and the sculpting is simply fantastic. Don't miss out on this one

RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE MOVIE MASTERPIECE ALICE 1/6 SCALE FIGURE Another great figure from Hot toys - the Resident Evil: Afterlife Alice features great costuming and a ton of weapons - check out mini Milla Jovovich here at $154.99

CARS 2 - PIXAR MOVIE The full lineup of toys, playsets and die-cast cars from Mattel is now up for preorder. Case assortments and a variety of single items are available here. We have preliminary images for quite a few items

TRANSFORMERS UNITED WFC BLACK OPTIMUS PRIME & BLACK MEGATRON SET TOKYO TOY SHOW EXCLUSIVE Very cool limited edition exclusives - black versions of Optimus Prime and Megatron - pick up the set at a very reasonable price for import exclusives at $84.99

MICROMAN WAREHOUSE FIND We've located a nice supply of older Takara Microman figures - all of them are priced at or below original Japanese MSRP so there are some great deals out there. Take a look at the 20 or so available items here

DA-15 JETWING PRIME A cool Takara model that won't be making its way to the US as a domestic release - Preorders available at $174.99 - take a look here

POTC ON STRANGER TIDES ULTIMATE UNISON CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW Medicom introduces its own 1/6 Scale Jack Sparrow and it looks great! Figure includes speech chip and accessories - priced well at $264.99

D-ARTS MEGAMAN X FULL ARMOR VERSION Bandai brings us another addition to the extremely popular D-Arts line, this version features Megaman X sporting his full armor, preorders up at $39.99

SAINT CLOTH MYTH - EX GEMINI, STAGE; 1/6 SCALE SAGITTARIUS; GRIFFIN MINOS Introducing Saint Cloth Crown, an all new high-end 1:6 scale (approx 30cm/12") Saint Seiya figure series that emphasizes size and detail. Figure is constructed with ABS, PVC, POM and diecast materials. A 1:6 scale Saint Seiya figure with diecast parts! The first item will be Saint Cloth Crown Sagittarius Seiya complete with golden wing span, armor and object parts, as well as interchangeable face x 4 (Aiolos screaming/normal and Seiya screaming/normal), interchangeable hand parts. Armor ornamentation is brilliant in 1:6 scale. Check out this and other new Saint Seiya items on this menu

ROBOCOP FIGMA ACTION FIGURE An excellent looking new figure from Max Factory, highly articulated and with some cool gunfire accessories. Take a look at this cool import here - $56.99

STAR WARS PREMIUM FORMAT SCALE STORMTROOPER The Stormtrooper Premium Format figure captures every detail of the iconic armored soldiers from the original 'Star Wars' film, A New Hope. Each piece is individually painted and finished, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. Crafted in 1:4 scale, this dynamic figure features a real fabric bodysuit and hand-cast trooper armor. The Stormtrooper Premium Format Figure is the perfect addition to any Star Wars display.

STAR WARS 12" SANDTROOPER (DESERT SANDS DETACHMENT) An excellent new Sandtrooper figure from Sideshow - One of the coolest features of this figure is its pairing with the 12" Dewback featured on the next listing - preorder now at $124.99

STAR WARS 12" DEWBACK FIGURE ACCESSORY This awesome accessory figure measures in at a whopping 30" long and is sure to dominate whatever shelf you display it on. Grab the Sandtrooper listed above as well

CDMW-22 AUTO BRIGADE POWER PARTS CUSTOM HEAD WITH LED EYES Crazy Devy's new Menasaur head features switch activated LED eyes - preorder now at $31.99

TF REPRO TECH SPECS 1985 CARD SET 02 The second wave of Tech Specs will complete the 1985 lineup - preorder now at $29.99

TF DEVIL HORNS CUSTOM KIT YELLOW VERSION A partner piece to the red devil horns, this one is also priced at $29.99, it includes 2 guns and a new head

NHL SPORTSPICKS SERIES 29 CASE, SINGLES The latest wave available singly at $13.99 or $99.99 per case of 8 with chase figure.

NFL ELITE SPORTSPICKS SERIES 02 CASE, SELECT SINGLES This case is priced at $89.99 and includes a chase figure, singles are also available

DC UNIVERSE SERIES 14 SET We've been able to locate a small supply of the exclusive DC Universe wave 14. The set of 7 is available at $154.99 - set includes: 1 each of Kamandi, Obsidian/Todd Rice, Tyr, Gold, Hourman, Zatanna, Green Lantern Alan Scott

DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS EXCLUSIVE TWO-PACK SET More exclusive DCU figures - this set of 2packs is available for $74.99 and includes 1x Hawkgirl & Gentleman Ghosts and Superman & Parasite

SUPER ROBOT CHOGOKIN DAI-GUARD Dai-Guard, the popular anime protagonist and one of the key super-robot characters in second Super Robot Wars Z video game title appropriately joins the ranks of the Super Robot Chogokin series. Preorder now at $57.99

DARKSIDERS WAR & RUIN RESIN STATUE War, astride Ruin amid the broken skulls of the fallen of the apocalypse. War and Ruin are lit from below by high intensity LEDs, and Ruin glows with an unholy light through his eyes and the runes and cracks in his skin. Priced $50 below MSRP - check it out here

BOWEN MARVEL - GIANT MAN, PROFESSOR X, ANNIHILUS PX STATUES; NOVA MODERN Another nice set of announcements from Bowen, including the Previews Exclusive Annihilus statue - check them all out here

REAL GHOSTBUSTERS MINIMATES SERIES 02 BOX SET DST now continues the line based on the '80s cartoon series, The Real Ghostbusters! Based on the character designs from cartoon, this specialty market exclusive four-pack includes Peter Venkman in his uniform, Winston in uniform, Staypuft (evil), and the set exclusive Lewis Tully! Preorder now at $15.99

GHOSTBUSTERS LIGHT-UP STATUE OF LIBERTY The hit Ghostbusters statue line continues with the iconic statue of Liberty! Lady Liberty has stood as a beacon of hope and freedom for countless immigrants and lost souls looking for a better life on our shores. For decades she has been both icon and protector of freedom in New York Harbor... and when the ghosts got tough, she moved into action! Coated with positively-charged Ectoplasm, piloted by the Ghostbusters, Lady Liberty strode confidently through the streets of New York in the the hit follow-up to the classic Ghostbusters movie.

FEMME FATALES MEDUSA STATUE Medusa - as she has never been seen or imagined before! We dare you to resist looking at this beauty... but beware though she may look different, her look will still turn you to stone! Standing nine inches tall, this Jean St. Jean sculpt (based on an Uriel Canton design) Preorder now at $39.99

STAR WARS COMMANDER CODY BUST BANK The hit DST bank line continues with our first ever Clone Wars-themed bank release! Cody is one of the most iconic and popular characters on the Clone Wars animated series, and now this galactic hero and commander makes his bank debut! Available at $19.99

MINIMATES CARRY CASE WITH EXCLUSIVE PIRATE MINIMATE Back again due to popular demand! Hundreds of figures later, DST is once again giving the fans something to carry and store their Minimates! This lightweight cardboard carry case is ready to go, capable of holding up to 36 (or more if you double up) Available at $18.99

MARVEL MINIMATES WAVE 38 CASE of 24 Series 38 celebrates the Shadowland saga featuring Daredevil! This series includes Spider-Man and Iron Fist, Elektra and the new, darker Daredevil, White Tiger and the exclusive Hand Soldier, as well as the short-packed Classic White Tiger to go with the army-building Hand Soldier.

STAR WARS 2-1B SURGICAL DROID MINI BUST Gentle Giant presents 2-1B, the proficient Surgical Droid who joined the Rebel Alliance in an effort to assist the Republic as a medic. This 1/6-scale high quality mini-bust was painstakingly researched and compared to multiple reference sources in the Lucasfilm archives. Limited to 1980 pieces and up for preorder at $71.99

STAR WARS ACTION BLASTERS ROLE-PLAY ITEMS Cool new blasters - the set features 1x Cad Bane, 1x Captain Rex,1x General Grievous

STAR WARS BATTLE PACKS 2011 SERIES 04, 05, 06 - CASES, SINGLES Hasbro announces a variety of new case assortments for the 2011 Battle Pack lineup - check out the full selection of new cases and singles here

STAR WARS CLASS I FLEET VEHICLE FIGURE PACKS SERIES 01, 02, 03 - CASES, SINGLES New vehicle figure packs are now available - $69.99 per case as well as a variety of singles - take a look here
STAR WARS REPUBLIC FIGHTER TANK R/C VEHICLE A fun new remote control vehicle from Hasbro - preorder now at $44.99

BRUCE LEE 5" & 6" FIGURE CASES Round 5 introduces two new lines of Bruce Lee figures - we'll be listing sets and singles later once more info is known - check out the cases here

NICK FURY 16" COMIQUETTE Joining the Sideshow Collectibles Marvel line is the Nick Fury Comiquette, depicting the famed leader of the SHIELD. Presented in 1:5 scale, each piece is individually painted and finished with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. Wielding his classic pistols and complete with a switch-out right hand holding a magnum revolver, the Nick Fury Comiquette is the perfect addition to any Marvel display. - Preorder at $264.99

MADAME HYDRA 17" COMIQUETTE Joining the Sideshow Collectibles Marvel line is the Madame Hydra Comiquette. Each piece is individually painted and finished with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. Presenting the viper vixen in approximately 1:5 scale, The Madame Hydra Comiquette is the perfect addition to any Marvel display. Preoder now at $264.99

DOCTOR WHO - "THE TIME WARRIOR" COLLECTOR SET In this exclusive set from Underground Toys we present the Classic Sontaran: Commander Linx and his iconic Sontaran space ship along with the Third Doctor in Green Jacket and Sonic Screwdriver. Preorders available at $59.99

VANDERSTELT LOTR GICLEES - RINGWRAITH, GANDALF, SAURON & MORE Awesome new artwork from Jerry VanderStelt - choose from 5 different Giclees each a bit under MSRP

BUSOU SHINKI EXCLUSIVES (BRAGG DUSK, ZELNOGRARD BERIG) Cool new Busou Shinki exclusives from Konomi - limited preorders available at $124.99 each.

KAMEN RIDER PROJECT BM 000 GATAKIRIBA COMBO FIGURE Another very cool 1/6 scale figure from Project BM by Medicom - preorder now at $249.99

WESTLAND GIFTWARE CHEERS, FLINTSTONES, GARFIELD, POOH, STAR TREK, JETSONS A variety of fun collectible figures, cookie jars, salt and pepper shakers and more. Some of these licenses are very cool yet under-represented in the collectibles world, take a look here

18" FREDDY KRUEGER WITH SOUNDS Includes Removable Hat and Alternate Demon Head. Motion Activated! Figure speaks two trademark phrases and plays two nightmarish sounds: "Welcome to my Nightmare," "The only thing to fear is fear himself," evil laughter, and the sound of blades scraping.

BLACK ROCK SHOOTER REAL ACTION HEROES FIGURE The first 1/6 Scale Black Rock Shooter figure that we have carried - Medicom has done a nice job with this piece - take a look here - preorder price is $274.99

TF3 CYBERVERSE LEGION SERIES 02 REVISION CASES 02, 03, 04, 05 A variety of new Dark of the Moon Legion series revision cases - pick out the case that best suites your needs - $44.99 each

NEW GICLEES - PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, CARS 2 Acme Archives brings us a bunch of cool new artwork from POTC and Cars 2 - check them out here

NEW FILM CELLS LOTR, HARRY POTTER, CARS A bunch of cool new collectibles from Film Cells is now up for preorder. Each features actual frames of the film strips and they come in a variety of sizes and price points.


GI JOE 2011 SERIES 03 - SET, SINGLES (Blowtorch, Gen. Hawk, Cobra Commander, Jungle BAT) This extremely popular series is now in stock in limited quantities. We also have some series 04 left, but both are expected to sell fairly quickly. $44.99 per set or $84.99 per case

MARVEL SELECT THOR MOVIE FIGURE We've restocked the Diamond Select Toys version of Thor - available now at $18.99 - this movie-accurate Thor figure includes Marvel Select's standard 16 points of articulation. As an added bonus, the figure comes packaged with a display stand based on the mythical rainbow bridge that can be combined with the base from the Loki movie figure to form a diorama!

AME-COMI HEROINE MINI FIGURE SERIES 02 - SET, WONDER WOMAN SINGLE Amazons and enemies - Wonder Woman, Donna Troy and Cheetah - are the second wave in an all-new, super-cute line of mini-figures, affectionately known as "mini-comis." Based on the larger Ame-Comi Heroine PVC Statue line, these miniature Ame-Comi PVC figures are all brand-new sculpts! Wonder Woman hefts her axe over her shoulder, while wielding a sword in the other hand, Donna Troy strikes a bullets and bracelets pose, and Cheetah coyly cleans her claws and paws.

THOR MOVIE DELUXE FIGURE SERIES 02 - SET, SINGLE Includes one each of Lightning Fury Thor and Heimdall

TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS 2011 BOOK Japanese text book with info on all the latest Takara figures - priced at $29.99

TF UNITED RESTOCK 9 of the first 10 TF United figure are back in stock - fill in any holes in your collection here

RANGO & PRISCILLA VINYL FIGURES The Hot Toys vinyl figures based on the recent movie with Johnny Depp - in stock now

ROTATING DISPLAY STANDS Cool general display stands for a wide variety of figures - take a look here


BUCKYBALLS REGULAR, GOLD, SILVER, NICKEL Have fun at your desk or on the couch with these addictive magnetic toys. Super strong rare-earth magnets can be molded into countless shapes and patterns

DC UNIVERSE ACTION LEAGUE 2011 SERIES 03 SET OF 4 TWO-PACKS The next round of cute mini DC figures is now in stock - series 3 is available at $29.99

MATTYCOLLECTOR MOTU CLASSICS SHE-RA & STRATOS REISSUES Small shipment of MOTU figures from Mattel are now in stock for international customer - $34.99 each

JOKER SCALE MUSEUM QUALITY STATUE A great new statue from DC Direct - exclusive 1:4 scale museum quality statue series. Featuring mixed media elements from resin to fabric, the numerous textures add visual interest to the already stunning scene. In stock at $269.99

MICHAEL JACKSON "BEAT IT" COLLECTIBLE FIGURE Fans of the late Michael Jackson will want to collect the Michael Jackson Collector's Figures as the memorable musician is brought to life as the "Beat It MJ" or the "First Moonwalk Michael." Each 10-inch collectible replica, with a Jackson Estate-approved likeness of the iconic singer, has 37 points of articulation and replica fabric clothing, and comes with a figure stand, a unique base, and collectible diorama packaging.

"STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN" COMMUNICATOR PROP REPLICA The latest in the DST hit role-play replica line is here! For all of those Star Trek fans that have been waiting over 25 years to have a communicator that accurately recreates one of Kirk's most memorable moments on film, then your moment is here! Open this up and hear "KHAAAAN!!!" as many times as you like.

"CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER" MINIMATES ARMY BUILDER DUMP Perfect for completing your Captain America collection by adding to the armies of Hydra for your display. Display included Production will be limited to a one time numbered 500 case production run and allocations are likely to occur. Included in this display are; Hydra Pilot, Hydra Infantry, Hydra Flame Thrower, Hydra Soldier,and Red Skull Hydra Uniform.

FILM CELLS HARRY POTTER, STAR TREK, WIZARD OF OZ, POTC, NBX, IRON MAN 2, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, TRON, MUPPETS Another big shipment of Film Cells has just arrived, these are really cool and worth checking out if you need some fun & classy displays to hang on the wall or at the office.


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