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$5 Sale at Big Bad Toy Store

Big Bad Toy Store

October 20, 2010 - (Sponsor Announcement) - Online retailer BigBadToyStore.com has several new items of interest to collectors:


We've just assembled a list of 100 items with prices cut to $5 or less, there are many Hasbro 3.75" figures from the Marvel, Star Wars, and GI Joe lines, as well as a variety of Sota figures and various other misc items. Dealers are welcome to buy bulk quantities - take a look at the list


PREDATORS 7" FIGURE SERIES 01 - SET, SINGLES NECA's first release from the recent movie "Predators" includes a Falconer Predator, a Berserker Predator and a Classic Predator, and we have them listed as a set of three for $44.99 ($12 off the MSRP). We also have singles in stock of the Berserker and Falconer Predators, priced at $14.99 each.

IRON MAN 2 - MOVIE MASTERPIECE BLACK WIDOW FIGURE Hot Toys has released their latest Movie Masterpiece figure, the Black Widow from "Iron Man 2". This figure comes dressed in her movie outfit and includes her pistols as well as alternate hands. We have her listed at $149.99, so grab your before this spy disappears into the night.

TERMINATOR 2 - MOVIE MASTERPIECE T-1000 Finally we come to this fantastic figure. This is a 1/6 scale version of the T-100 from "Terminator 2". He comes loaded with accessories, including a split-open head and "liquid metal" parts, and we have him listed at $159.99, $5 off the MSRP.

TRON: LEGACY We have recently received our first shipment of Tron: Legacy items. We have the first series of Feature Figures, which includes Deluxe versions of Sam Flynn, Clu, Rinzler and a Black Guard and is listed at $66.99; we also have singles available of Sam Flynn and Clu at $18.99 each. In addition to the figure assortment, we have also received the Sam Flynn Deluxe identity Disc (priced at $22.99) and the Deluxe Sam Flynn's Light Cycle (priced at $24.99).

LIVING DEAD DOLLS - NOHELL EXCLUSIVE Mezco's latest exclusive Living Dead Doll is Nohell, dressed up in red and white with bells. This little lady is all ready for the upcoming holiday season, and we have her listed at $21.99, saving you $4 off the MSRP.

HALO: REACH SERIES 01 - SET, SINGLES We've just received our first shipment of Halo: Reach Series 01 figures, and we have stock remaining of the set of 6 (Elite Minor, Emile, Grunt, Jorge, Noble Six and Spartan Hazop), priced at $64.99. We also have small quantities of all six singles, priced at $11.99 each.

NFL PLAYMAKERS SERIES 01 - SET, SINGLES This new line of sports figures has pieces that are loaded with articulation and sized at 3.75" tall, to go with all manner of other lines. The assortment includes figures like Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Adrian Peterson, Troy Polamalu, Tony Romo and more, and we have them available singly at $7.99 each, or you can get the complete 14-piece set of series 01 (including the only sold-out single, Brett Favre) for $99.99.

TF ALTERNITY A-01 NISSAN GT-R VIBRANT RED RESTOCK A restock shipment of the A-01 Nissan GT-R Vibrant Red Alternity figure has arrived. This version is the Alternity version of Optimus Prime done in his original color scheme, and is ready to join your collection. We have it priced at $59.99, so if you missed out on it before, now is your chance to pick him up.

REAL ACTION HEROES (RAH) R2-D2, C-3P0 Both of these Real Action Heroes figures from Medicom are loaded with articulation, and each has light-up parts. R2-D2 also has a number of extendable tools and a third leg, and they are 1/6 scale (6.25" for R2-D2, 11" for C-3P0). We have R2-D2 listed at $174.99 and C-3P0 at $184.99, so each one will save you $15 off the MSRP for the figure.

GI JOE - 12" FLINT Sideshow's latest release in the 12" GI Joe line is Flint. GI Joe's warrant officer is dressed in his signature uniform complete with beret, and comes with a number of weapons and other pieces of equipment. He is priced at $112.99, saving you $7 off the MSRP.

IRON MAN 2 - 1/4 SCALE WAR MACHINE COLLECTIBLE BUST Hot Toys has released another in their line of 1/4 scale busts from "Iron Man 2". This time it's War Machine, and his bust includes light-up eyes and heart. We have this piece listed at $74.99, and it stands about 9" tall.

RESIDENT EVIL 5 (BIOHAZARD 5) 1/6 SCALE JILL VALENTINE - BSAA VERSION The second Hot Toys item on our list is the Video Game Masterpiece version of Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 5 (known as Biohazard 5 overseas). This figure comes with multiple hands and weapons and is listed at $144.99, $5 off the MSRP.

TF FAMILYMART PRIZE ITEMS A good portion of our shipment of FamilyMart import Transformers Animated prize items has arrived. We have stock available of the Optimus Prime and Bumblebee 4.3" juice glasses (priced at $14.99 each), along with the Animated Figure & Straps (at $8.99 each) and the Animated Mini Figures (at $9.99 each).

LEGO IMPORT MINIFIGURES SERIES 02 - SIDE A, SIDE B We have just received our shipment of the import Lego Minifigures Series 02, right after we received word that the domestic versions may not be coming after all. Series 02 of the import versions are divided into two assortments - Side A and Side B, and we have them listed at $3.49 for a random single of either side, $129.99 for a bag of 40 random figures of either side and $599.99 for a Master Case of 200 of either side.

PSYLOCKE 12" STATUE RESTOCK Hot on the heels of our first shipment comes a restock shipment of this popular statue by Bowen Designs. We have this X-Lady listed at $164.99, saving you $10 off the MSRP.

WHITE QUEEN 12" STATUE RESTOCK - RETRO & MODERN VERSIONS Speaking of X-Ladies, we've also restocked both the Retro and Modern versions of the White Queen statue. You can choose from her Hellfire Club or X-Men versions, with the former at $159.99 and the latter at $169.99, each at $10 off the MSRP.

HEADROBOT HOTHEAD MINI FIGURE The second release in Headrobot's line of transforming heads has arrived. This time it's Hothead, made to replace the noggin of either G1 Hardhead or the more recent Universe version. The figure also includes three cannons and a backpack unit and is priced at $30.99.

DC DYNAMICS GREEN LANTERN STATUE The latest in the DC Dynamics line is this 13" tall statue of Green Lantern Hal Jordan, sheathed in green energy from his ring. This statue is listed at $154.99, saving you $39 off of the MSRP of $193.99.

FFXIII PLAY ARTS KAI - LIGHTNING, SET We've finally received our Lightning figures from the Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Kai Series 01, and we've got her available at $39.99, and the set of Lightning, Snow and Vanille at $109.99, saving you $10 off the MSRP.

SAINT SEIYA - SAINT CLOTH MYTH FIGURES We've received three Saint Cloth Myth figures into stock. We have Lyra Orpheus, Gold Cloth Aries Mu and Lizard Misty, priced at $42.99, $42.99 and $64.99, respectively.


DC BISHOUJO WONDER WOMAN STATUE The other new Bishoujo piece is DC's Wonder Woman. Arguably the greatest of the DC heroines, this figure is a combination of her standard look with a distinctly bishoujo face design, and she is also listed at $49.99, $10 off of the MSRP.

HALO PLAY ARTS KAI - SERIES 02 Square Enix adds Carter, Jorge, and Kat to their highly detailed larger scale figures - each of these is up for preorder at $49.99 - take a look here

BIOSHOCK - SPLICER WELDER MASK REPLICA From the #1 selling Bioshock videogames comes this full size resin "Welder" Splicer mask, that can be worn or hung as wall décor. Just like what the Splicers wear in game, now you can wear one too.

SHOGUN WARRIORS DAIRUGGER XV (VEHICLE VOLTRON) The latest in Toynami's line of Shogun Warrior 24" figures is Dairugger XV, known in America as Vehicle Voltron. This figure won't be transformable, but does include all of the style details that make the design great, and we have him listed at $229.99, saving you $20 off of the MSRP of $249.99.

STAR WARS 1/10 SCALE DARTH VADER CLOUD CITY VERSION ARTFX+ STATUE Darth Vader is getting his own 1/10 scale ArtFX+ Model Kit, with this "Empire Strikes Back" Cloud City Version of the Dark Lord of the Sith. He will fit perfectly with the 1/10 scale Boba Fett and Stormtrooper ArtFX Model Kits, and he is priced at $49.99, although this price may decrease once we have more information.

STAR WARS IMPERIAL TIE FIGHTER FILMING MODEL REPLICA This new piece by eFX is made from an actual model used in the filming of "A New Hope" and includes LED lighting, a numbered plaque and much more. This high-quality replica is listed at $999.99, and should arrive early next year.

TRANSFORMERS VOYAGER 2011 SERIES 01 SET We just wanted to update you that we have added a set of three listing to our Voyager 2011 Series 01 offerings. The set includes one each of Strafe, Solar Storm Grapple and Lugnut, and is priced at $74.99.

MARVEL BISHOUJO MS. MARVEL STATUE Kotobukiya has announced two new Bishoujo figures. The Marvel entry is Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), a member of the Avengers and formerly a victim of Rogue's power-draining abilities. This figure shows her with power blasts gathered around each hand, and she is listed at $49.99, saving you $10 off of the MSRP.

LITTLE BIG PLANET SACKBOY SUPERSTARS BOX OF 12 Underground Toys has announced a new line of miniature collectibles based on the designs from Little Big Planet. This series includes geographically designed figures from 12 countries, and we have them listed by the box of 12 blind-boxed figures, priced at $74.99.


-- SUPERMAN FAMILY BUILD-A-SCENE STATUE PART 01 - SUPERBOY & POWER GIRL This new statue is the first of a two-part statue set. This piece includes Superboy and Power Girl, along with half of the parts to build Superman and the eagle display base; next month's entry will include Supergirl and Steel, along with the rest of the parts to assemble the complete scene. This statue is listed at $159.99, $35 off the MSRP.

-- DC UNIVERSE ONLINE - FLASH & BLACK CANARY STATUES The next two statues in the DC Universe Online series are the Flash and Black canary. Based off the art by Jim Lee, each figure is listed at $74.99, saving you $10 off the MSRP per piece.

-- HEROES: BLACKEST NIGHT ATROCITUS BUST Continuing the line of Heroes: Blackest Night busts, we have Atrocitus, the head of the Red Lanterns. Wielding the power of hate, the Red Lanterns are able to spew acid blood at their opponents as well as the other standard ring powers, and we have Atrocitus' bust listed at $59.99, $10 off the MSRP.

-- BLACKEST NIGHT: RED LANTERN POWER BATTERY & RING PROP REPLICA SET The new Ring and Lantern set for this month is the Red Lantern, and we have this light-up set of Ring and Lantern priced at $29.99, saving you $5 off the MSRP. Like the others, this set comes with a translucent based colored to match the lantern and ring.

-- GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH COLLECTOR'S SET This new Collector's Set includes new decos of Hal Jordan and Sinestro, while he was still a Green Lantern. It also includes a Trade Paperback reprinting the Green Lantern: Rebirth storyline, and the whole set is listed at $39.99, $5 off the MSRP.

-- GREEN LANTERN VS. SINESTRO MINI STATUE This new piece stands 9.75" tall and shows Hal Jordan and Sinestro fighting in space over the rocky top of an asteroid. This statue is perfect for Green Lantern collectors (especially with the movie coming out next year) and is priced at $99.99, saving you $25 off of the MSRP.

-- HEROES OF THE DCU 02: HAWK BUST; WOMEN OF THE DCU 03: DOVE BUST Two longtime members of the DC Universe and former allies of the Teen Titans are getting busts that go together to make one fantastic piece. Hawk gets his bust in the Heroes line while Dove gets hers in the Women line; each bust is listed at $59.99, $10 below the MSRP.

-- TRUE BLOOD - TRUE LOVE BILL & SOOKIE STATUE This statue had been delayed, but now has been resolicited. The statue shows Bill and Sookie standing in a graveyard, and is listed at $159.99, saving you $35 off of the MSRP.

-- NEW AME-COMI HEROINES - CATWOMAN, BATGIRL Catwoman and Batgirl are getting new versions of their previous Ame-Comi figures. Catwoman gets a blue recolor of her V2 figure, and Batgirl gets a black and yellow redeco of her V1 figre; each figure is listed at $49.99, $10 off the MSRP.

-- WORLD OF WARCRAFT PREMIUM FIGURE SERIES 04 - SET, SINGLES Two new figures are on their way from the WoW Premium figure line. Series 04 includes a Headless Horseman and a Moonkin, and we have them listed as a set for $57.99 and singly at $29.99 each.

STAR WARS FOLD-UP HEADPHONES Four new sets of Star Wars fold-up headphones have just been listed. These include Rebel Alliance, Boba Fett, 501st Legion Clone Trooper and Darth Vader, and each set is listed at $24.99.

PROTOMAN (BLUES) PLASTIC KIT FIGURE Hot on the heels of the Megaman plastic kit figure from Kotobukiya comes his brother, Protoman. Known as Blues in Japan, this figure comes with his scarf and shield and is priced at $39.99.

GRENDIZER VINTAGE RETRO SERIES Osaka Toy has announced three new figures in their Grendizer Vintage Retro Series. We have listings for Golgoth 01, Golgoth 02 and Soldier, each at 16 cm long/tall and each priced at $49.99.

STAR WARS 12" PRE-PAINTED VINYL FIGURE KITS One of our suppliers has recently found a number of Polydata Star Wars 1/6 scale Vinyl Figure Kits from the mid-1990's. These figures are limited to 9000 pieces each, and we have listings available for Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Lando Calrissian, prcied at $18.99 each.

STAR WARS iPHONE4 HARD PLASTIC COVERS We have listed three new hard plastic covers for the iPhone4. These are a stylish way to protect your phone, and we have Darth Vader, Clone Trooper and Yoda designs available, each priced at $27.99.

THREEZERO - GASSED S003 & K11 ROVER OPRSSR SET This new set of figures by Jamungo includes S003 Nozzel and his faithful companion ROVR, each with a removable helmet and other accessories. Don't miss out on this new set, listed at $79.99 ($5 off MSRP).

DISNEY TRADITIONS MUPPET SHOW FIGURINES This new assortment mixes old-school style with the beloved characters of the variety show. The assortment includes Fozzie Bear, Animal, Miss Piggy, and Kermit the Frog, each priced at $39.99, along with a Statler & Waldorf set and a 12" Stagefront Display piece (each at $49.99). These figurines are great for Disney or Muppet collectors and should arrive this coming January.

ASSASSIN'S CREED II REPLICAS We have listed a wide variety of replicas and costume pieces from Assassin's Creed II. We have the Extension Knife at $118.99, Ezio's Sword at $151.99, his Leg Dagger with Sheath at $70.99, his Sword Breaker Dagger at $80.99and a set of two Throwing Knives at $37.99. We've also got his Sash, Shirt, Belt & Baldric, Cape, Doublet, Gloves , Pants and Boot Toppers, and you can get more details (including sizing information) on all of the pieces at the link.

BEAST 17" COMIQUETTE One of the original X-Men, Beast has had a long and varied history. This comiquette stands 17" tall and shows him in his latest incarnation, complete with lion-type face. We have this statue priced at $259.99, saving you $15 off of the MSRP.

WWE NEW ITEMS We have listed a number of new waves of WWE figures from Mattel. We have Basic Figure Series 07 and 08, Royal Rumble Heritage Series, Basic Figure Two-Pack Series 08 , 09 and the "Best of" Series, Elite Series 07 and 08 and Legends Series 04 and 05, including single figures where possible. Check out all of the new series under the menus at the link.

12" KENNER STAR WARS FIGURES BY GENTLE GIANT Gentle Giant has announced two new figures in their 12" Kenner line. This time around the offerings are Princess Leia and Darth Vader, and we have them listed at $67.99 ($7 off MSRP) and $71.99 ($8 off MSRP) respectively.

NEW MARVEL BOWEN STATUES - BETA RAY BILL, VALKYRIE It must be Thor month at Bowen, because the two new statues are both good friends of his. The Defender Valkryie is getting a new 14" statue priced at $180.99 ($9 off the MSRP), and Beta Ray Bill has a 16" statue coming, priced at $189.99 ($10 off the MSRP). Both of these statues look great, as we have come to expect from Bowen Designs.

PLANET HULK MINI BUST Bowen has also announced a new 8.5" mini bust based on the Hulk's "Planet Hulk" storyline. This piece has him outfitted as a gladiator, and we have it priced at $75.99, $4 off the MSRP.

GETTER ROBO REVOLTECH REISSUE Three Getter Robo Revoltechs are getting the reissue treatment. Getter 1 (#031), Shin Getter 1 (#037) and Black Getter OVA Version (#035) are each up for pre-order, priced at $31.99 each.

ZOIDS HIGHEND MASTER MODEL - GENOSAURER, GUN SPINNER Kotobukiya is reissuing the Genosaurer 1/72 scale Highend Master Model, and also releasing the Gun Spinner. We have the formers listed at $99.99, and the latter at $59.99.


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