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More He-Man Info Regarding the JC Penney's Exclusives

From our friends at He-Man.org, we have some Masters of the Universe updates.

Info on the 10-pack:
The 10-pack will be the ten figures released in the retro Reissue single packs - here they are again:

  • He-Man
  • Skeletor
  • Beastman
  • Man-at-Arms
  • Teela
  • Merman
  • Trapjaw
  • Evil-lyn
  • Triclops
  • Faker

The figures will come in their original blister cards but with a truly collector-worthy package - it is 5-sided and features the ghosted image of Castle Grayskull in silver foil (similar to the individual cards).

Inside is a smaller 5-sided castle tower that has a heavy paper stock print of the original cross sell poster!

This truly collectible set is limited to just 1,000 pieces worldwide - we are not making any more.

As to why the 10-pack is a JCPenney's exclusive: "JC Penney's has enjoyed great success as a high-end collector retailer...Because of their catalog and website, they're a great partner for collectible product such as this."

How can you get ahold of those 10 packs?
"Still to be determined, although it looks like via the website and by phone."

*If possible, please connect this in some fashion with the request not to call JC Penney's with requests for the 10-pack*

Some wanted to know why only a 1000 are being made:
"We want the people that get this set to feel truly worthy and know that they have a truly limited edition of a great piece. We also wanted to insure that the number was neither too high or too low; JC Penney felt comfortable with this number."

As far as Mattel doing any more rereleases, beast packs, vehicles, or the infamous He-Ro and Eldor:

"As always, Masters of the Universe is a broad line with many characters and vehicles for inspiration. However, we have a firm policy of not discussing future product plans."

Is Mattel worried about scalping on these limited edition rereleases?

"We have found that selling through JC Penney does help this a little, but in general ultra-collectible (and desirable) brands like Masters of the Universe or hot phenoms like Pokemon or virtual pets does unfortunately bring in the negative element in the form of scalping and hoarding. On the flip side, if we make the number so big, it's not collectible anymore."

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