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The Uncanny Super Warrior & The Uncanny Master

Even More Bootleg X-Men Figures

As with the bootleg figures shown previously (see the 6" Bootleg Page or 10" Bootleg X-Men Figures for more info) , these are not officially licensed Toy Biz products. Instead these are bootleg figures designed to capitalize on the popularity of the X-Men line by using the look, style and trademarks of Marvel's X-men characters. I do not endorse, nor am I affiliated with any manufacturer of bootleg figures.

Also, I need to stress that I do not have any of these figures for sale. These are merely part of my personal collection that I am presenting here for the edification of X-Men figure fans.

There isn't much I can say about this collection. They pretty much stink. But I somehow like them all the same. The entire line is frought with atrocious sculpting and wretched paint jobs. Not at all up there with the forgery of the first series of bootlegs. probably the best thing about these figures is that they were cheap. Not just cheaply made, but cheaply purchased too. See, most of these figures were found in "Dollar" stores (or the equivalent). Prices have ranged from .99 to $2.99.

Nonetheless, here they are. In case you can't tell, there are versions of Magneto, Forge, Mr. Sinister, Sabretooth, and two versions of Wolverine. The figures are sculpted in such a way that they have an Asian look to the facial features. This is most prominent in the maskless Wolverine. All figures are articulated at the hips, shoulders and neck.

About the only real interesting fact about this line of bootlegs is that they come on two separate, but similar cards (figures are identical on each card type). Both cards use the Toy Biz Magneto I card illustration as the basis for their design. The first is the Uncanny Super Warrior card. The second is the Uncanny Master card. The logos are similar, only the wording is changed. For you variation hunters, the Uncanny Super Warrior cards comes with a warning sticker easily visible at the top of the card. The Uncanny Master cards have the warning at the bottom, partially obscured by the figure and the bubble. And inexplicably, the Uncanny Warrior cards state that they are for children 4 and up. However, the Uncanny Super Warrior cards state that the figures are for children 5 and up. Curious, since the figures are identical.

As with previous bootlegs, there are no real identifying marks on the card (and the cardback is blank). No real manufacturing info is available other than the fact that they were made in China. The Uncanny Super Warrior cards do have "DTD Norfolk VA" printed on them. And the Uncanny Master cards have an unexplained "CE" logo on the lower right.

Uncanny Super Warriors

Uncanny Masters

If anyone knows of other bootleg figures in this series or other series of bootleg X-men figures, please e-mail me ([email protected]). I'm particularly interested in completing the Uncanny Master set if you can find them cheap.

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