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Loose Cylon

Carded Cylon Canadian carded Cylon
  • Mattel released Cylon Centurian in 1978 as part of the more common first series of Battlestar Galactica figures
  • Solid construction (no rubber bands)
  • 4 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, and waist
  • Loose figures often have worn chrome, even to the degree that the plastic appears white instead of silver
  • Large black gun - also included with Cylon Commander
  • Silver chrome torso and head
  • Articulated neck, shoulders and waist, but not legs
  • Same mold as Cylon Commander
  • I bought the figure below at AdventureCon in June of 2006. It was sold to me as a Mexican bootleg, but it could also be some sort of a fan-made figure. I don't know the source of the orange ape head; but the body and gun are based on the Cylon. The figure's arms, head, and legs detach. If you can provide more information on this figure, please email me!
Cylon Ape
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