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Wizard World Chicago

Wizard World Chicago is one of two major summer comic book conventions at which toy companies have on display some of their new collectibles, toys, and action figures. (The other convention being the San Diego Comic Con.)

Alex Ross - busts and statues

bbi - military and video game action figures

DC Direct - action figures and collectibles

Diamond Comics - Diamond Select, Art Asylum, misc other figures

Dynamic Forces - busts and collectibles

Hasbro - GI Joe - 12" and 3.75" Joes and vehicles (39 images, this page will be slower than the others)

Hasbro - Star Wars - 3.75" and 12-inch figures, Unleashed, MicroMachines, vehicles

Hasbro - Transformers - Robots in Disguise and Armada

Hasbro - Zoids

Moore - action figures (Buffy, Angel, X-Files) and busts/statues (Fathom, Angel, Kabuki, etc)

Palisades - action figures (Muppets, Resident Evil, Year Without a Santa Claus) and busts (GI Joe, Alien, Predator)

Randy Bowen Designs - busts

Stan Winston Creatures - action figures

Stikfas (Hasbro) - action figures

Wiz Kids - Mage Knight and HeroClix

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