Hunger Games

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Hunger Games Katniss Barbie Doll

Hunger Games Katniss Barbie Doll

Barbie Collector Unveils Hunger Games™ Katniss Barbie® Doll

April 9, 2012 - "May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor."

Paying tribute to Katniss Everdeen, the reluctant heroine of The Hunger Games™ who is beloved by millions, Barbie® Collector introduces: The Hunger Games™ Katniss Barbie® doll for the adult collector.

The Katniss Barbie® doll depicts the strong and ever resourceful heroine as she enters the arena to defend herself in a brutal Government sponsored game which she has entered after volunteering to take her younger sister’s place.

She wears a black hooded jacket with orange trim, a black t-shirt, army green cargo pants and utilitarian brown boots.

On her shoulder, she totes her trusted bow and arrow and of course, proudly wears her mockingjay pin on her lapel to symbolize freedom. Her hair is fastened into her signature, loose braid.

Lionsgate Allows Hunger Is Not a Game Campaign

Following Fan Outcry, Lionsgate Agrees to Allow "Hunger is Not a Game" Campaign to Continue

Boston, MA - On Thursday March 22, just one day after The New York Times ran a positive piece on the real-world hunger campaign, Hunger is Not a Game, Lionsgate, the movie studio that produced The Hunger Games sent a letter, which demanded that the campaign end immediately. In response, members, fans, and press alike expressed their outrage at such a demand and called for Lionsgate to reconsider. "Hunger is Not a Game" is working during the month of March to energize Hunger Games fans to work toward making a dent in real-world hunger in conjunction with the release of the movie. The campaign includes signing Oxfam's GROW pledge to fight food injustice, planning community food drives and educating members on systematic causes of hunger throughout the world.

Oxfam America & Harry Potter Alliance: Hunger Is Not a Game Campaign

The Hunger Games fans join Oxfam America, Harry Potter Alliance to say: "Hunger is Not a Game"
Groups mark movie opening with campaign to fight hunger

March 2012 - This week, hundreds of young volunteers will set-up shop at movie theatres across America to bring fans of the highly anticipated film The Hunger Games on-board a new campaign to fight hunger. The "Hunger is Not a Game" campaign is sponsored by the Harry Potter Alliance, an organization that uses the power of story to inspire fans to work for social change. The campaign will gather support for international relief and development organization Oxfam's GROW campaign to ensure everyone has enough to eat now and in the future.

Harry Potter Alliance: the Hunger Is Not a Game Campaign

The Harry Potter Alliance launches the Hunger is Not a Game Campaign
Working together with Oxfam, the HPA announces campaign to coincide with the release of The Hunger Games Movie

March 2012 - Boston, MA - The Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) will celebrate the release of The Hunger Games by partnering with Oxfam to raise awareness of hunger-related issues around the globe. Hunger is Not a Game, the HPA's first Imagine Better campaign, unites fans of The Hunger Games, the Harry Potter fan community, and Oxfam to tackle the pressing issue of the politics of hunger.

"For children around the world, hunger is something they live with every single day. Just as in The Hunger Games series, hunger is often used as a way to oppress and control a population," said HPA Executive Director Andrew Slack. "Through our project Imagine Better, we have teamed up with The Hunger Games fan community, as well as Oxfam, to seek food production reform to ensure that no child is ever caught up in corporations' deadly game."

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