Toy Pizza Episode 50: Kickstarter!

January 2015 - The Toy Pizza series on YouTube has a new episode online!

Episode 50 features their action figure Kickstarter project!

Episode 49 had a focus on action figures that need to be identified - check out the mystery toys and see if you can help them out.

August 2014: Toys on Kickstarter

August 2014 - It's been a few weeks since the last round-up, but grab your wallet, because there are more action figures and toys on Kickstarter!

- Fresh Monkey Fiction is raising funds to produce Amazing Heroes: Retro Style Super Hero Action Figures. These are 4.75-inch action figures based on Golden Age comic book characters, except for the Blank Slate, which is a clever new creation. This campaign closes on August 28th.

- Sculptor Rocco Tartamella has a campaign to produce a 7-inch Street Fighter action figures. This campaign closes on August 20th.

June 2014: Toys on Kickstarter, Part 2

June 2014 - Another week, another nifty batch of action figures and toys Kickstarter!

- Sculptor Rocco Tartamella has a campaign to produce a 7-inch action figure of the Archangel Michael. The figure will have a 20-inch wingspan. The stretch goal is a demon action figure for Michael to fight. This campaign closes on July 18th.

- Generation Grit is a series of action figures with inspirational stories for boys. Each 1/6th scale figure (10-5/8" tall, as each figure will be of a child) will come with a book about his adventures, as well as with an interesting variety of detailed accessories. The first figure will be Mac Mason. The Generation Grit campaign ends on July 3rd.

June 2014: Toys on Kickstarter

June 2014 - Get your wallets out again, there are more action figures and toys on Kickstarter!

- Warpo is raising funds to produce a retro 3.75-inch action figure series based on Legends of Cthulhu. This campaign closes on July 9th. Head over to the project page for more details.

- If you prefer something on the cuter side, JUMBiES has a campaign to produce plush toys which combine two animals into one. The JUMBiES campaign closes on June 27th.

- Mindzai has a campaign to produce an 8-inch vinyl figure called Lethal Taco in several colorways. The Lethal Taco campaign closes on July 18th.

Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Action Figure Kickstarter

June 2014 - Holy cow, it is raining action figures on Kickstarter lately! The newest campaign is from Boss Fight Studio for their Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. action figures.

The planned action figures have a Greek mythology theme and will be four inches tall. Be sure to scroll all the way down on the project page to see all of the variants that are listed as stretch goals. The designers mention in their intro video that these figures are designed to be easily disassembled so that you can more easily customize them.

Skeleton Warriors Action Figure Kickstarter

Skeleton Warriors Glyos Compatible Action Figures by October Toys on Kickstarter

June 2, 2014 - October Toys is excited to announce the launch of their latest project - Skeleton Warriors!

These new, Glyos compatible action figures were designed with collectors in mind while drawing inspiration from both the 90's Skeleton Warriors cartoon characters as well as original concept art provided by the awesome team at Goddard Film Group, LLC.

The first figure to be redesigned and updated is the bad to the bone Baron Dark!

This is designed to be 3 3/4" scale line of articulated PVC action figures and since Baron Dark is the biggest of the main cast of characters, he clocks in at 5" tall with 26 points of Glyos compatible articulation!

May 2014: Toys on Kickstarter & Indiegogo, Part 2

May 2014 - We did a round-up post a few days ago, but three more campaigns of interest have popped up since then:

- LeVar Burton is raising money to expand Reading Rainbow to more platforms and into more schools. This campaign has raised over $2.8 million in just two days!

- Ares Games and the Gremlin Project have a new boardgame Kickstarter for Galaxy Defenders: The Earth Strikes Back. The end result will be two expansion sets - "Operation Strikeback" and "Extinction Protocol."

- Over on IndieGogo, there is a heartbreaking My Little Pony campaign to raise funds for an anti-bullying campaign and to help with a child's ongoing medical expenses. Learn more on the Michael's Pony project page.

May 2014: Toys on Kickstarter & Indiegogo

May 2014 - RTM reader Sumero just posted his Indiegogo campaign over in the classified ad section of the site, and it looks really interesting. The campaign is for Animodula - small geometric shaped toys that can be connected to make animal figures and even wearables like bracelets.

Over on Kickstarter, IAmElemental is raising funds to produce a new line of female action figures. The figures will be four inches tall and have nine points of articulation.

Also on Kickstarter, Tenacious Toys/Bigshot Toyworks has created a line of pony figures ("Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse") and is raising funds to start the line with Maddie.

Iron Legions Mech Toy Kickstarter

February 2014 - Andrew Yang has a new project on Kickstarter - the Iron Legions Mechs!

The constructible mechs are interchangeable so that you can customize your figures as you'd like. The figures in these pictures are prototypes from a 3D printer (the final product will be injected molded in a factory), and one of the rewards is the file to be able to print out a different character on your own 3D printer.

Learn more about it on the Iron Legions Mech Toys Kickstarter page.

BMOG Toyline Kickstarter


December 2013 - Remember the robot toys of the 1980s? World-spanning battles of good and evil across the living room floor? Shape-changing and modular warriors of all shapes and sizes? So do we, and those memories inspired BMOG, a building toy system that lets you make wild, robotic characters where each and every component is also an action-figure accessory.

Each BMOG (Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalt) kit comes on-sprue to build and customize how you see fit, forming a robot warrior. Every component uses the "Fusion Factor" 5mm peg-and-post system, enabling you to mix-and match pieces to create your own monstrous mechanical marvels.

On top of that, every piece is also a stand-alone accessory that - thanks to the 5mm peg system - is compatible with literally thousands of other toys across dozens of lines, past, present, and future. Augment your space-robot tyrant with an arsenal of blasters that combine to serve as a savage pet, or outfit your techno-barbarian hordes with vicious blade-weapons that combine into robotic birds of prey.

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