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RTM Presents


January 17, 2003 - Vol. 3, No. 2

~ Welcome to RTMemo
~ Featured This Issue
        - Captain America Statue
        - Marvel Legends 3
        - Captain Action (book)
~ News Highlights
~ From the Buzz
~ From the ShopCenter/MarketBuzz
~ From NewLineShop.com - LOTR Bobbing Heads
~ Toy Link of the Week
~ Non-Toy Link of the Week

------ Welcome to RTMemo ------

What are you hoping to see announced at the upcoming Toy Fair in New York? Post on the Buzz and let us know! I can never narrow my list down to just a few things, and afterwards, I always have an equally long list of my favorite things which were announced. If I had to pick just ONE thing that I cannot wait to see in person, it would be Sideshow's Worf bust in their Star Trek series. But you probably could have guessed that!

Toy Fair is February 16th to 19th, a bit later than in past years.

------ Featured This Issue ------

RTMisc: Captain America Statue
RTMisc lets the bricks fall where they may with a detailed examination of the Avengers & Adversaries Captain America statue from Diamond Select Toys:

Spotlight: Marvel Legends 3
The RTM Spotlight shines on the third series of Marvel Legends action figures from Toy Biz: Wolverine, Magneto, Thor, and Ghost Rider:

RTMisc: Captain Action
RTMisc gives you a blast from the past, with a review of Captain Action - The Original Super-Hero Action Figure from Two Morrows Publishing:

------ News Highlights ------

Special Forces Mission 3
Plan B Toys has a "third mission" in store for their 6-inch action figures:

Bandai Unveils 2003 Toy Lineup
This year is Bandai America's largest toy lineup ever (Power Rangers, Godzilla, Gundam, Strawberry Shortcake, Hello Kitty, Digimon, Ultimate Muscle, Superior Defender, the Big O, Jagun Fighters, and more):
A sampling of press images from Bandai for their 2003 toy lines:

DC Direct Arrivals Update
See which DC Direct items are coming out in the next few weeks:

Betty Spaghetty at McDonald's
McDonald's is offering four versions of Betty and friends:

Nintendo Superstars at Burger King
Burger King is offering toys based on favorite Nintendo characters, with an added contest to win a GameBoy Advance game:

New GameBoy Advance
Nintendo has announced a new version of the GameBoy Advance, this time with an internal light source:

New TMNT on February 8
The new animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show launches on the Fox Box in early February:

Marvel Legends Movie Daredevil
An image of the Daredevil action figure based on Ben Affleck:

Play Mind's Body Rockers
The Body Rockers are the first of the Titaniums from Play Mind:

Series 2 Mini Living Dead Dolls
Pictures and info about the second series of Mezco's LDDs:

Series 5 Living Dead Dolls
Pictures of the fifth series of regular-sized Living Dead Dolls:

Warcraft Action Figures
Images from Toycom of their upcoming Warcraft action figure series:

June 21: 5th Harry Potter Book
The next Harry Potter book is due out this June:

As always, these are just a few of the news highlights from the past week. To see all the news, check the main news index and the latest archives:

------ From the Buzz ------

Augie ponders the collectible nature of Power Rangers action figures:

Dana asks about Lord of the Rings Intelli-Blox:

elhonez has a great way to look at Marvel Legends scale issues:

The Otter has a new Ottertorial about Disney Magical Collection toys:

(The posts on the Buzz last only a few days, so if you are reading this more than two or three days after this issue of RTMemo was sent out, the posts will likely be gone.)

------ From the ShopCenter/MarketBuzz ------

Robert has a Wonder Woman maquette for sale or trade:

Tetra needs parts from 12-inch Matrix figures:

Post your buy/sell/trade "classified ad" on the Shop Center:

------ From NewLineShop.com ------

NewLineShop.com has the Lord of the Rings collectible toy that you knew had to come out sometime... bobbing head dolls:

------ Toy Link of the Week ------

What are your favorite toy sites? Send them in and we can share them in this spot!

------ Non-Toy Link of the Week ------

Traveling around Japan by Rail
If you happen to be planning a trip to Japan, this article will help you with the learning curve for train travel. If you aren't planning a trip to Japan, this is still an interesting read, for the photographs and cultural nuggets contained in some of the tips:

------ In Closing ------

Thank you for subscribing to RTMemo and for reading the Raving Toy Maniac.

(To unsubscribe from this newsletter, please use the "un-sub" function on the RTMemo box found on the front page of RTM, or reply to this email with "unsubscribe RTMemo" in the subject line.)

- the RTM Staff

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