Roadblock leads G.I. Joe as "the ultimate ninja commando"? Seriously!?

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I picked up the new G.I. Joe Retaliation Roadblock figure today to review in the Daily Toy Review, and was pretty flabbergasted to read in his bio and the overall bio for the line that Roadblock is "the ultimate ninja commando" and gives G.I. Joe "top-secret ninja training".

...Is this a joke?!

I love The Rock (really), and I don't mind that ninjutsu has become a major part of G.I. Joe, but... seriously? The Rock is now leading G.I. Joe as a ninja master and teaching G.I. Joe top-secret ninja techniques?!?!

Man. No wonder Hasbro delayed this G.I. Joe Retaliation movie into next year. With any luck, someone at Hasbro read the script and flipped out...

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I doubt Hasbro has any more control over the movie's release date as you or I. The re-schedule hurts them most of all as they're stuck with a year's worth of product in the pipeline and no movie to promote them. This is all Paramount not wanting the movie to get lost in the over crowded summer, and to make money off the international market where 3D is still huge.

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I hate having to fix action figures, but this was an easy fix of giving him real hands, a stand and ROC Heavy Duty's gun...