Recipes - Marvel Legends Golden Age Series 1 Two Packs

Marvel Legends Golden Age Series 1 Two Packs

Created by CRobTheCreator ([email protected]).
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Marvel Legends Tony Stark head, Ultimate Captain America upper body with DC Universe forearms, and TNA Sonja Dutt legs with Movie Mr. Fantastic boots with craft foam.

Blazing Skull:

DC Universe Red Lantern body with DC Direct Nekron head with Sculpey III

The Challenger:

Marvel Legends Kree Soldier head with Spiderman Classics Black Costume Spiderman

The Angel:

Marvel Legends Union Jack body with Spiderman classics Doc Oct forearms with DCUC superman hands, DCUC Superman head, and fodder cape.

Red Raven:

Spiderman Classics Daredevil with ML Angel thigh, DCUC Superman head with Sculpey III, MOTU bird wings, and craft foam

Thin Man:

Dark Knight Movie Masters Bruce Wayne head, ML Vision body with Movie Mr. Fantastic's forearms, and craft foam.