Tim Burton's: The Batman Minimates

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Tim Burton's: The Batman Minimates

New from Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum, DC Minimate's make their glorious return, starting with a line inspired by Tim Burtons: Batman films! Based both on the actual films and designs inspired by Tim Burtons style, you will experience the Batman films like never before! Collect characters that were never seen on the silver screen, such as: Bane, Mr Freeze, and many more! This is only the beginning of a great new era of DC Minimates!

Straight from the silver screen, Batman has been recreated in Minimate form! Fight crime like never before with your own Michael Keaton Batman, This caped crusader started his quest for justice after witnessing his parents murder before his very eyes. After years of training he donned a suit based on the animal that scared him most as a child and thus became: The Batman.

Straight from the silver screen, The Joker has been recreated in Minimate form! Create chaos for Batman with your own Jack Nicholson Joker. Jack Napier was the second in command to the crime boss who ruled Gotham and had a sadistic sense of humor. While raiding the Axis Chemicals factory, Napier falls into a vat of toxic chemicals due to attempting to fight the Batman. The chemicals leave Jack's skin bleached white, his lips red and his hair green, after attempting plastic surgery to remedy this, he is stuck with a permanent grin. He takes up the name, The Joker and wreaks havoc on Gotham until he is thwarted by Batman and falls to his death.

The Penguin:
Straight from the silver screen, The Penguin has been recreated in Minimate form! Exact you're revenge on Gotham with your own Danny Devito Penguin. Oswald Cobblepot was abandoned at birth due to his hideous appearance by his wealthy parents, he grew up living in the sewer. He tries to exact his revenge on his parents for leaving him by murdering the first born son of every wealthy family in Gotham, his plans are put to an end by Batman and Catwoman and he meets his end in the icy waters he grew up in.