A Plush Toy I Made

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Joined: 2012-02-20

Hello everyone. This is a plush toy I made, based on a character brand I'm building.
Let me know what you think.

I'm trying to do a fundraising, so that I can make a full line of these.
There's more info on this toy here http://kck.st/zkB0Kn


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Joined: 2012-01-11

I've ventured into plush characters before as well and I hope you don't mind if I share some thoughts.

I know you've also seen the feedback on 4chan/toy, and I have to echo the same sentiment that the design is a little too generic. As Kibun is now, it looks like a whole slew of other simple mascots that have been used online for years - from emoticons to Japanese mascots. It even bears a large resemblance to the Kodama spirits used in Princess Mononoke.

This is not a dig at your creative skills, but I've found this to be a concern when you're trying to do this for the long run. If this takes off (and you probably want it to), you want a character design that is instantly recognisable. Not to mention possible claims of copyright against your creation. One of the worst things a new creation can get is controversy about plagiarism.

I don't doubt you'll get some sales based on the cuteness of the design, but it's really hard to differentiate what you've done as unique.

Andrew (not verified)

Hello. You were on the 4chan post? It was removed.

Yes, thanks for the input. I've been asking people in various forums what they think.

I am going to start thinking of ways to make the character stand out more. Perhaps and accessory or some body enhancements to emphasize that he's liquid.

I also believe that if I can get it to the point where it gets a lot of exposure, some of the existing subtleys like facial features will be recognized. I think it will help once we start integrating other aspects to contrast the character's plainness, story comics, other characters, etc...

Feel free to give more input in the future.
andrew [at] raw-emotion.com

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Andrew (not verified)

Hello JustSomeGuy

Yes, I've heard the resemblances.
Althought there are also quite a few ways to differentiate. The obvious is the facial features, and the bodies are very different shapes.
Also, the kibun character is more centered on situations he encounters, rather than the character design itself.

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I first saw this on Tomopop recently. While it's a great effort I'm not entirely sure if plush was the right way to introduce a character that's supposed to be made of water, it's a lot of gray fuzz. I think frosted, transparent vinyl would have been the best way to kick it off just to help get the visual out there and then move on to plush from there.

Really the first thing that came to mind when I saw this was Kogepan. Obviously not the same face and colors, but the big oval head and stumpy body is a pretty common look. Dare knows what he's talking about, he's designed a few himself, but he also did a lot to make them stand out.

Good luck!



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Andrew (not verified)

Yes, I'll admit we did this kinda on a whim. We will be releasing storybooks and art as our first major introductory step. We did this toy project just to see the reaction on kickstarter, and I'm starting to see without a fanbase, you can't do well there, unless they feature you.