price update on the Dark Knight Returns 4-pack from DC Collectibles

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I heard back today, and the price is supposed to be $59.95. I've updated the news item just now, but wanted to mention it in case you were interested and didn't want to keep checking that page over and over.

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Thats about $58.59 dollars more than it should be. I am a HUGE die-hard DKR fan,and even I have to admit those figure were a rare misfire from DC Direct. The sculpts and articulation were just poor,and now they're re-releasing them with LESS accessories and crappy paint-jobs? Especially considering Mattel is releasing a DKR Batman in the upcoming Legacy line that looks amazing. I am honestly worried about the future of DC Direct (or DCC or whatever the hell they're calling it these days). Whomever approved this set should be ashamed.


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Along those lines, how on earth have they never made the Mutant Leader? That always seemed like a no-brainer to me, especially when they released several series of Elseworlds characters. That just seems like a figure that would sell and sell well.