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Hasbro's 2006 Holiday Highlights

Hasbro Has Something for Everyone This Holiday Season

October 2, 2006 -- PAWTUCKET, R.I. -- Hasbro, Inc. kicks off the holiday shopping season with a continued focus on innovation across multiple categories – bringing kids and families around the world a range of fun twists on classic brands, as well as a host of toys, games and electronics designed to spark entirely new ways to play.

From MASSIVELY MINI Media, a cool portable media player for tweens, to MONOPOLY HERE & NOW, a redesign of the classic board game that answers the question, "what would MONOPOLY look like if it were designed in the 'here and now?'", to BUTTERSCOTCH, the life-sized plush miniature pony, Hasbro has something for everyone.

"This holiday season, Hasbro unveils products that leverage some of the newest technologies and consumer insights to produce toys and games that truly deliver the 'wow' factor for kids of all ages," said Brian Goldner, Hasbro's chief operating officer.

A wide range of Hasbro's holiday offerings will be on display at the Toy Wishes Holiday Preview being held on Wednesday, October 4 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

Highlights for holiday 2006 include:



(Approximate Retail Price: $79.99; Ages: 8 & up; Available: Now)

MASSIVELY MINI Media from Tiger Electronics is a palm-sized stylish player that allows tweens to access their favorite digital media anytime – music, video and photos! Tweens can play their favorite MP3 and WMA music files, listen to the built-in digital FM stereo radio and record FM music to play later; watch videos that they have created on VCAMNOW (sold separately) or another digital video camera; download and view JPGs created on most digital cameras. MASSIVELY MINI Media also includes easy-to-use software that can convert MPEG, AVI and WMV files. Each MASSIVELY MINI Media unit fits in the palm of your hand and features 128 MB onboard memory, enough to hold one hour of video, about two hours of music or up to 1,200 photos! Each sleek, compact unit features touch screen controls, a color screen and measures 1"x 2.5" and is 1/2" thick. Available in three cool colors, MASSIVELY MINI Media comes complete with unique earbuds that double as a lanyard, a rechargeable lithium-ION battery, simple software for converting video files and a USB 2.0 cable to transfer files or charge the player directly from a computer. Tweens can visit www.tigertube.com to get tons of cool, free video downloads perfectly sized for the MASSIVELY MINI Media player.


(Approximate Retail Price $39.99; Ages 8 years & up; Available: Fall 2006)

Featuring multicolored flashing lights and funky sound effects, I-FISH Interactive Music Companion from Tiger Electronics is easy to use. Owners simply plug their hand-held music systems directly into I-FISH and music will broadcast through a built-in speaker while I-FISH swishes and 'swims' to the rhythm of the song. Place I-FISH in front of a speaker or plug it into the headphone jack of any hand-held music system and it will groove along to the music. When I-FISH hears music, its face and tail will light up and it will wiggle in response to the song. The portable I-FISH Interactive Music Companion is compatible with most portable music devices.


(Approximate Retail Price: $249; Available: now)

Bring the excitement of the big screen into the comfort of your own home with the ZOOMBOX projector from Tiger Electronics. ZOOMBOX is a 3-in-1 projector that will play DVDs, CDs and connects to most gaming systems. Ideal for slumber parties, movie nights and video game playing get togethers, ZOOMBOX features a built-in DVD player so tweens can project their favorite movies in an exciting big screen format with an image of sixty inches or larger! Plus ZOOMBOX is designed with an easy to use external hook up for AV cables making it compatible with most gaming consoles. Perfect for avid gamers and film buffs alike, tweens can also attach electronics such as video cameras, digital cameras or cable boxes making the ZOOMBOX entertainment possibilities almost endless!


(Approximate retail price: $129.99-$179.99; Ages 16 & up: Available: November)

Tiger invites extreme thrill seekers, ages 16 and up, to experience the power and speed of NITRO XRC, a new line of radio-controlled vehicles powered by nitro fuel. This fall, the groundbreaking NITRO XRC brand will bring the power and performance of hobby-grade nitro-fueled vehicles that feature incredible speed, hot styling and the ability to perform mouth-dropping stunts to the mass market. The technology used in the NITRO XRC (Extreme Radio Control) line provides the opportunity to achieve speeds up to three times faster than traditional battery-operated RC vehicles. The NITRO XRC line also features an innovative ignition system with electric starters and a unique fuel delivery system that is quick and easy to use. The NITRO XRC RICOCHET vehicle is a two-sided stunt machine that features oversized tires to allow the vehicle to drive on both sides. (ARP: $179.99) The NITRO XRC REVOLUTION MT is a rugged monster truck build for speed and stunts – both on-road and off. (ARP $129.99) Nitro fuel and accessory sets will be available separately.



(Approximate Retail Price: $39.99; Ages: 8 & up; Available: now)

DESIGNER'S WORLD, from Tiger Electronics, is the new TV game from Hasbro that puts girls in control of their fashion future! From designing a collection, choosing models, showing it on the runway then selling it successfully, the DESIGNER'S WORLD TV Game allows budding fashionistas to enter their own line of clothing into fashion shows around the globe and build up a designer label by shrewdly designing clothes and selling them successfully in an ever-growing list of markets; game play culminates in conquering the fashion capitals of the world: Paris, Milan, New York and Tokyo.



(Approximate retail price: $29.99; Ages: 8 & up; Players: 2-6; Available: Now)

The time has come for a Monopoly game where players can truly relate to every move, play and purchase on the game board. The MONOPOLY HERE & NOW Edition has all new properties (determined by the results of a popular online vote), along with newly appraised property values and rents, larger currency denominations and airports replacing the railroad spaces. Even the tokens have been modernized: in a nod to the 21st century, the classic race car has been replaced by the environmentally-friendly Toyota Prius, the old shoe has been given the boot in favor of a New Balance running shoe and the hip Labradoodle replaces the Scottish Terrier. Chance and Community Chest cards have also received updated scenarios; and the payoff for passing GO is now a cool $2 million.


(Approximate retail price $34.99; Ages: 8 & up; Available: Now)

Take a trip down memory lane in this pop culture-based edition of the 80s. The game includes four collectable tokens, The Trapper Keeper, Compact Disc, Care Bear, and Rubik Cube and questions written in a flashback tone. There are 2,400 questions in the following categories: MUSIC, MOVIES, TV, HEADLINES, and SPORTS AND LEISURE and WILD CARD


(Approximate Retail Price $29.99; Players: 1 or more; Ages: 8 & up; Available: Now)

The classic game that keeps kids and adults tied up in knots reinvents itself once again with the addition of video dance instruction. TWISTER DANCE DVD game encourages kids to follow instructions that will help them learn cool and contemporary dance moves that are performed on one of four included dance mats. Each player will choose one of four environments and learn dance moves with the help of an animated dancer. After learning a series of dance moves, players can put the moves together at a big dance party!


(Approximate Retail Price $24.99; Players: 2 to 6; Ages: 7 & up; Available: Now)

COSMIC CATCH is an "out-of-this-world" game of "catch" that keeps kids on their toes because the ball calls the shots, telling each player who to throw to next. Six uniquely colored sensors differentiate the players, making COSMIC CATCH a blend of SIMON SAYS with the classic game of catch. If the ball ends up in the wrong hands at the wrong time – watch out! The ball will declare the game over. Four different games (fast pass, add one, you're out and code challenge) keep this innovative game constantly fresh.



(Approximate retail price: $249.99-299.99; Ages 4 & up: Available: November)

Most little girls long for a pony and this fall, these dreams can become a reality with Hasbro's FURREAL FRIENDS BUTTERSCOTCH PONY, the latest addition to its popular FURREAL FRIENDS brand. The advanced electronics, animatronics and design make this life-size pony "come to life" and will solidify mom and dad's status as hero when they are finally able to say yes to their little girls' greatest dream. The BUTTERSCOTCH pony will amaze kids and adults alike with her level of "awareness" and realism. With built-in light and sound sensors, the BUTTERSCOTCH pony can tell what is happening around her. She can even tell when a child is sitting on her back for a "ride" and will move her head up and down, blink her eyes and twitch her ears while making "clip clop" walking sounds. The BUTTERSCOTCH pony will also: turn toward the child and twitch her ear when her name is called; go to sleep when the room becomes dark; wake up, lift her head and open her eyes if the lights suddenly come on while she's sleeping; move her head toward the child when patted or groomed; and when offered her carrot, open her mouth to "eat," while making chewing sounds.


(Approximate Retail Price: $49.99/ Ages: 3 & up/Available: now)

Thirty-six years since her first diaper change, Hasbro announces the original doll that eats and poops, the BABY ALIVE® doll, is back. A new generation of moms-in-the-making will love to nurture the BABY ALIVE doll, now more realistic than ever. She speaks and, for the first time, has facial expressions and eye movements, along with other life-like actions. BABY ALIVE is the doll that "eats" and "poops" just like a real baby. Girls can feed her special doll food, give her a bottle and then get ready to change her messy diaper. She's ready to play, laugh and talk... and girls will love taking care of her.

Girls can choose from three different BABY ALIVE dolls: BABY ALIVE doll, a blue-eyed baby with blond hair; an African American BABY ALIVE doll; and bi-lingual BABY ALIVE doll that speaks both Spanish and English.


(Approximate Retail Price: $59.99; Ages 3 and up; Available: Fall 2006)

The new centerpiece of PONYVILLE for fall is the CRYSTAL RAINBOW CASTLE playset, a "magical" castle where ponies play with their friends. The CRYSTAL RAINBOW CASTLE playset expands to two-feet tall and three-floors high with the wave of a "magic" wand or a press of the "magic" heart that's magnet-activated. Turrets swing out for additional play areas that include a dressing room and dining room. There is also a "magic" dance floor for MY LITTLE PONY characters to "dance" on. The vanity room includes a vanity with drawers that "magically" open when a pony touches the heart with the magnet in her foot. The CRYSTAL RAINBOW CASTLE playset comes with other fun accessories, including a dining hutch, table and more. Additional accessories to furnish the playset are sold separately for $9.99.


(Approximate Retail Price: $39.99; Ages: 4 and up; Available: Fall 2006)

LITTLEST PET SHOP pets gather at the BIGGEST LITTLEST PET SHOP playset for the ultimate playing and shopping experience. Kids can turn a wheel to walk their pets or ride them through the three-level spinning tower. Once the pets finish "playing," kids can bring them to the treat center, which drops down special food pieces. When the pets are done playing, they can take a nap in their very own hammock. The playset comes with two exclusive pets, including a "push 'n play" pet that does a trick when her head is pressed. The set also includes cool accessories, lots of storage space and easy portability for girls to display their LITTLEST PET SHOP collection anywhere.


(Approximate Retail Price: $24.99/ Ages: 8 and up /Available: Fall 2006)

The classic EASY-BAKE Oven's new design features a new heating element that no longer requires a lightbulb! Kids will cook up their favorite sweets and treats in no time as it heats and cooks just like a 'real' kitchen oven. The newly designed oven is styled as a contemporary kitchen range and includes the following accessories and features: a warming area to keep treats fresh-out-of-the-oven toasty or even melt down delicious toppings, such as marshmallows or chocolate and the innovative MagiCool™ Pan Grabber makes it even easier for kids to remove their finished creations from the oven and has an indicator that tells the young gourmets when the pan is cool enough to touch their dessert.


(Approximate Retail Price $29.99; Recommended Ages: 4 & up; Available: Now)

Now you can have your very own baby chimp! FURREAL FRIENDS CUDDLE CHIMP cuddles and anticipates lots of hugs. Give him what he wants, and he'll snuggle into his owner's arms and emote happy baby chimpanzee noises. Tickle his feet to hear him laugh and go bananas, or stroke him to sleep and hear him snore.



(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $249.99/Available: Fall 2006)

Calling all streetballers! Bring the fun and excitement of the AND1 Mix Tape Tour to your 'hood with NERF SHOWTIME HOOPS hip hop, interactive basketball gaming system. Featuring interactive game play voiced by AND 1 Mix Tape Tour emcee Duke Tango and programmed with ten different 'playground' games such as Horse and 21, you better call 911 'cause your game's on fire!

Want to tighten up your game? Whether you're just shooting hoops or playing a game, a motorized spotlight in the base will show you where to shoot from on the floor to make those money shots. Using Smart Shot™ Technology the net, rim and backboard sensors will let you know if the shot was 'brick,' 'bank shot' or 'nothin' but net!' The sensors also keep score automatically on the LCD score board.

With the NERF SHOWTIME HOOPS system you have home court advantage. The indoor gaming system features jammin' speakers and a plug to connect an MP3 or CD player (not included) as well as a built-in drink dispenser and cup holders! An adjustable backboard with a rim height ranging from six to seven feet tall makes NERF SHOWTIME HOOPS enjoyable for ballers of all ages and skill level. NERF SHOWTIME HOOPS, The hip hop, interactive basketball gaming system comes complete with one junior size basketball, one basketball hoop, one adjustable backboard and one AC wall adapter.


(Approximate retail price: $29.99; Ages 8 & up; Available: Fall '06)

Pump up the action with the NERF DART TAG MAGSTRIKE blaster, the first NERF rapid fire blaster with a clip reloading system! With a rapid firing air pressure system that allows kids to quickly blast foam darts at their opponents and a stock for comfortable blasting and pumping, this awesome blaster brings great fast-paced fun to the popular NERF DART TAG line. The NERF DART TAG MAGSTRIKE comes complete with one blaster, two reload clips, 20 TAGGER MICRO-DARTS, a scoring vest and one pair of cool VISION GEAR eyewear and is compatible with the NERF DART TAG 2-Player System and the NERF DART TAG CROSSFIRE blaster.



(Approximate retail price: $49.99; Ages 3 to 6; Available: Now)

T.J. BEARYTALES from PLAYSKOOL is a new animated plush bear that helps preschoolers get ready to learn through storytelling, music and play-along activities. The T.J. BEARYTALES character uses story time and a collection of 12 original tales to help teach young listeners important social and emotional skills that get them ready for school, such as helping others, following directions and overcoming fears. Through the use of Hasbro's award-winning animatronic technology, the bear is fully animated and moves his mouth, eyes, ears, head and arms to expressively tell his stories, ask questions, play guessing games with children, and sing songs. T.J. BEARYTALES comes with a 24-page, photo-illustrated story book so his young friends can follow along with this stories. Seven additional story books and cartridges and four deluxe books with accessories will retail for approximately $9.99 and $14.99 each.


(Approximate Retail Price: $29.99 each; Ages: 3 and up; Available: Now)

This year celebrates PLAY-DOH modeling compound's 50th birthday! With the PLAY-DOH CREATIVITY CENTER, kids have the best place yet to create with PLAY-DOH compound, and mom will love that PLAY-DOH time is contained and easy to clean-up. Young PLAY-DOH artists can use the CREATIVITY CENTER on the ground or on the table. Included items such as markers, crayons, a rolling-mold rail, PLAY-DOH cans, FUZZY PUMPER tool and FUN FACTORY extruder all add to the creative possibilities. Other great features such as the PLAY-DOH Pick-up Stick and built-in storage space aid in easy and quick clean-up.


(Approximate Retail Price: $49.99; Ages: 3 months & up; Available: Fall 2006)

The PEEK 'N PLAY DISCOVERY DOME toy is an interactive play zone designed for parents to join the fun, and it offers more than 15 activities that encourage key milestone development. Parents can use a peek-a-boo curtain to teach concepts like object permanence or help their child develop hand-eye coordination with the shape-sorting mailbox and ball-drop shoot. There are a lot of activities to explore together. The PEEK 'N PLAY DISCOVERY DOME supports the play of tummy timers, crawlers and walkers, making it a versatile toy for growing children. The toy folds flat for easy storage.



(Approximate retail price: $29.99; Ages: 18 months & up; Available: Now)

Are your Spidey-senses tingling? That's because they're alerting you to very exciting news soon to emerge for the youngest Spider-Man fans. This fall, the all-new Spider-Man & Friends Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man interactive plush figure will be dancing and singing on the shelves of stores nationwide. The interactive, 14-inch-tall Spider-Man & Friends toy sings and dances to two different childhood favorites: "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and the classic "Amazing Spider-Man" theme.


(Approximate Retail Price: $49.99; Ages: 5 & Up; Available: Fall 2006)

The CYBERTRON assortment will be highlighted by the introduction of an all-new Supreme figure in the fall. CYBERTRON PRIMUS, at an impressive 14 inches tall (in robot mode), changes from the TRANSFORMERS home planet into an awesome giant robot. CYBERTRON PRIMUS comes with one CYBER PLANET KEY and an Omega Lock which activates multiple special elements including electronic lights and sounds, and projectile weaponry.


(Approximate Retail Price: $34.99; Recommended Age: 4 & up; Available: Now)

What do you get when you merge the STAR WARS galaxy with TRANSFORMERS technology? A collection of STAR WARS robotic figures that are definitely 'MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE'! Vintage villains and valiant heroes may now become their signature vehicles as skirmishes escalate to a new dimension. For example, the fearless duo of Han Solo and Chewbacca combine to convert into their trusty (and mostly reliable) Millennium Falcon will in the new STAR WARS TRANSFORMERS Deluxe line. Electronic lights and sounds add to the adventure! Each toy comes with a 2" character figure that "operates" the respective vehicle from its cockpit.


(Approximate Retail Price: $19.99; Ages: 6 & up; Available: Fall 2006)

The "elegant weapon of a more civilized age," STAR WARS LIGHTSABERS are the signature weapon of the Jedi Knights. New Force Action Lightsabers provide the most authentic lightsaber-playing experience ever. The first-ever spring-activated light-up lightsaber springs to life at the touch of a button, just like in the movies!


(Approximate Retail Price: $34.99; Ages: 5 & Up; Available: Fall 2006)

As part of Hasbro's all-new line of G.I. JOE SIGMA 6 smaller scale (2-1/2-inch) offerings, DRAGONHAWK will be taking to the skies this June. DRAGONHAWK, the SIGMA 6 team's primary drop ship from the hit animated TV series, has a number of awesome features to make your self-created combat situations even more exciting: the MIC-2 (Magnetic Interface Connector) docking system allows the ship to bring various SIGMA 6 vehicles into battle; a fast-deploy system to launch the team's NINJA LIGHTNING MOTORCYCLE into action; as well as rotating propellers, a hand grip for easy play and a variety of electronic lights and sounds.



(Approximate retail price: $199.95; Ages: 12 and up; Available: October 2006)

Exquisitely crafted to hold a place of prestige on any table or display case, this premium quality chessboard depicts the eternal struggle between the good and evil dragons of the Dungeons & Dragons game. This limited-edition chess set is the first of its kind and includes variant rules specifically designed to incorporate elements drawn from the D&D® game. The set includes 32 Polystone playing pieces, a walnut finished chessboard with inlaid leatherette playing surface and an integrated storage base.


(Approximate retail price: $39.99 (starter), $21.99 (booster); Ages: 12 & up; Available: November 28, 2006)

*DESCRIPTION*: The starfleet is at your command! Challenge your friends to epic battles using the most powerful starships in the galaxy and conquer hyperspace with the best fleet of starships available from all eras of the Star Wars saga, including movies, games, comics and novels. These starships give you a whole new way to decide the fate of the galaxy through strategic head-to-head combat. The starter set contains 8 randomized, fully painted plastic miniatures and two exclusive miniatures – Super Star Destroyer Executor and Mon Calamari Star Defender Viscount, full-color game stat cards, fully illustrated battle map, 20-sided die, rulebook, 2 Fleet Commander cards, Damage and Command counters. Booster pack includes: 7 randomized, prepainted, fully assembled, durable plastic starship miniatures and game stat cards.

DREAMBLADE Collectable Miniatures Game (CMG)

(Approximate retail price: $29.99 (starter), $14.99 (booster); Ages: 13 & up; Available: now)

DREAMBLADE, analogized to a game of chess in which everyone plays with different pieces, is an evolutionary leap in collectable miniatures gaming with innovative strategy, a robust tournament structure for all skill levels, and strikingly detailed miniatures. This dark, edgy, sci-fi game invites experienced gamers age thirteen and up to take the role of psychic dreamlords, battling for control of the collective human unconscious. Optimized for competitive play, DREAMBLADE is supported by a tournament circuit that will give away over half a million dollars in prize money annually. A two-person Starter Set introduces players to the game while booster packs (sold separately) allow an expanding and customizable game experience.


Hasbro (NYSE: HAS) is a worldwide leader in children's and family leisure time entertainment products and services, including the design, manufacture and marketing of games and toys ranging from traditional to high-tech. Both internationally and in the U.S., its PLAYSKOOL, TONKA, MILTON BRADLEY, PARKER BROTHERS, TIGER and WIZARDS OF THE COAST brands and products provide the highest quality and most recognizable play experiences in the world.

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