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Toy Vault's August Plush Toys

August releases from Toy Vault. Toy Vault is proud to present; Gargoyle Plush designed by Ron Spencer, specifically to guard your sleeping hours, Blue Velvet Cthulhu Plush, to strike fear into anyone, including his followers, in his new blue disguise, both to be available soon from your favorite plush retailer. This upcoming line of plush has something for everyone; well ok it only has something for you.

Corbin, KY (Toy Vault Inc.) July 19th 2006 -- Toy Vault Inc. to release two new products for August. The new products will include; Gargoyle Plush designed by Ron Spencer and Blue Velvet Cthulhu Plush. These plush figures will be available at retailers in August.

plush toy from toy vault

Gargoyle Plush - with a wingspan of nearly 16 inches, standing 8 inches tall and being nearly a foot long this Gargoyle is set in the classic "pouncing pose". Ready to drop from his high perch to defend against evil, even Cthulhu himself could be taken aback by a surprise attack... well ok maybe not. This is yet another fabulous plush for our Here Be Monsters line, from the creative mind of Ron Spencer

Gargoyles often stand guard, warding off evil spirits and other creatures that wish to do harm to unknowing sleepers. Now you can own you own fierce guardian of peaceful sleep, who will come to life at night after everyone is sleeping specifically to protect you. Thanks to Toy Vault you may now experience many nights of peaceful sleep while the horrors of the night play around your restless dreams and are held at bay by your very own personal Gargoyle Plush. This is the first in a series. Designed by Ron Spencer. Never before available in plush form! Limited Edition

plush toy from toy vault

Blue Velvet Cthulhu - Standing nearly a foot tall with a wingspan of 11 inches and a plump 6 inch thickness, this special edition Blue Velvet Cthulhu is sure to find a place in your collection. With his bright red-rimmed eyes, and lighter blue accents the Plush Velvet Cthulhu is defiantly easy on the eyes.

Disturbed, homicidal, psychotic, moody, peckish - all these terms could apply to the infamous Blue Velvet, he of the temperamental attitude. From the deepest recesses of H.P. Lovecraft's mind came Cthulhu, we just added yet another twisted twist. The soon to be released Blue Velvet Cthulhu fills the needs of many who feel their "Green Classic Cthulhu" just isn't as exciting as it used to be. Unfortunately only a limited number will ever be produced. After careful scientific consideration we have identified an acceptable number to release while still being able to contain the mayhem.

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