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Kermit, Archie, Family Guy at Alter Ego Comics

Alter Ego Comics

April 4, 2006 - (Sponsor Announcement) - Online retailer Alter Ego Comics has several new items of interest to collectors:

Manufacturer Updates:

We often receive updates from manufacturers about product related issues, and there have been a number of them sent out in the last week or two. Here are the highlights:

Master Replicas Star Wars Helmets Update - As a follow up to our e-mail a couple of weeks ago, we would like to provide you with an update on the Shock Trooper, Special Ops and Clonetrooper Helmets.

As stated in our last update, we had an independent third party agency inspect all of these Helmets in our warehouse the week of March 13th. Unfortunately most of most of these Helmets did not pass our strict quality guidelines for the inspection. Based on these results, we are going to be working with our vendors to determine the best way to remedy the problem. We should know more in a few weeks and will send you another update with the latest information by April 20th.

We sincerely apologize for the delay in shipping these Helmets. We will have an update for you in a few weeks.

NOTE: A similar email was also received last week regarding the Rocketeer Helmets.

Also from Master Replicas - The Darth Maul Force FX Double Bladed Lightsaber is shipping in waves. We will not be receiving our entire order all at once, and will ship orders out as they become available. Please note that all retailers will be receiving their Darth Maul lightsabers in this fashion.

SOTA Toys Legend: Darkness 20" Figure Update - First, Darkness is not articulated at the waist. This figure is so large that it had to be made of more than one piece, which means that there is a joint at the waist. This joint is not articulated and is not meant to be twisted. If you get a Darkness and twist his waist hard enough, you will break it. When Darkness is broken at the waist it is fairly easy to repair with glue, but SOTA wants as many people as possible to know that the waist is NOT articulated. Darkness is articulated at the neck and slightly articulated at the shoulders.

Second, mint packaging basically does not exist for a piece this large and heavy. When you look at your Darkness in person, we think you'll agree that Darkness is one of the greatest figures ever made. But there no way to keep the packaging in mint condition when shipping a product of this size and weight.

We hope that everyone enjoys their Darkness figure. We wanted both of these issues well known, because Darkness is sold out virtually everywhere and replacements from retailers or SOTA will not be available.

Palisades Toys/Factory X Update: Note that this is not an official update from Palisades or anyone affiliated with them. As you may know, Palisades Toys/Factory X ceased operations earlier this year. Another company, Limited by CAS, purchased their assets, including any already produced inventory. The status of any solicited but unproduced items by Palisades/Factory X is unknown at this time. Some or all of those solicited items may be produced by another company. Some or all of them may not be produced. We will just have to wait and see. Some of the products that we are getting questions about on a regular basis include the Labyrinth: Goblin King Jareth figure, the Sesame Street figures and the Aqua Teen Hunger Force figures.

If you have an order on file for any solicited by not produced items by Palisades or Factory X, we will keep your order open for now, optimistically planning that we will see the release of those items sooner or later. If you would like to cancel your order for any of those items, please contact us via email or by phone at 419.224.6700.

Now Available to Pre-Order:

Now In Stock:
  • Family Guy: Giant Chicken & Peter Action Figure Boxed Set
  • Star Trek: Riker & Worf Action Figure Set
  • Star Trek: Variant Thomas Riker & Worf Action Figure Set
  • Captain America Statue by Hard Hero

Arriving This Week:
  • Hawkeye Statue by Hard Hero
  • JLA Classified Series 1 Action Figures
  • Alex Ross Green Goblin Head Bust
  • Highlander Kurgan 13" Figure

Coming Soon:
  • Star Wars: General Grievous Premium Format Figure
  • Jason X 12 Inch Figure
  • Ardeth Bey 1:1 Bust
  • Star Trek: Seven of Nine Premium Format Figure
  • Superman: Departure from Krypton Statue
  • LOTR: Legolas and Gimli on Arod Statue
  • Luke Skywalker on Tauntaun Statue - Gentle Giant
  • Jedi Luke 12" Figure
  • Obi Wan Kenobi Premium Format Figure

Alter Ego Comics

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