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ML 11, Dragons 2 at Big Bad Toy Store

Big Bad Toy Store

December 14, 2005 - (Sponsor Announcement) - Online retailer BigBadToyStore.com has several new items of interest to collectors:


MARVEL LEGENDS 11: The first half of our shipment has just arrived and we now have stock of: First Appearance Thing, Vengeance, Wonderman, and Logan in stock for $9.99 each! After filling preorders we have a very limited number of the other 4 figures in stock. The rest of our ML11 shipment arrives in about a month in mid-January (along with ML12) Preorders for full sets of 8 are available at $84.99 (The Scarlet Witch was included in this wave, so we are guessing it may be included in the next shipment as well)

MCFARLANE'S DRAGONS - SERIES 2: Another awesome wave of dragons has just arrived and sets of 5 are available for just $51.99. We have the Sorcerer and Komodo clan dragons available singly for $10.99 as well. Be sure to check out the Wave 1 repainted Eternal Clan Dragon boxed set and the Wave 3 preorders.

GENTLE GIANT SCOUT TROOPER STATUE: This excellent statue is priced $25 below the MSRP at $174.99. The entire statue attaches to the base at one point - the left foot of the Scout Trooper, the rest of the statue is suspended in the air. Nice detail and a reasonable production run size.

LORD OF THE RINGS - PETER JACKSON AS CORSAIR: Sideshow's latest statue features Jackson in his cameo role as a Corsair. Sideshow is currently sold out of this statue and we have a few pieces left at $119.99 each.

JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED: We'll be working with Mattel to carry more of this line as well as most of their other comic and superhero lines in 2006! Three different 3-Packs have just arrived and are now available at $8.99 each.


SIDESHOW FROUD 12" FAERYS: Good and Bad Faery figures - $139.99 each

CORPSE BRIDE FASHION DOLLS - Nicely detailed 12" dolls - $14.99 & $15.99

3" NHL SPORTS PICKS - Cases of 24 available for $79.99

DIE CAST ANAKIN STARFIGHTER - A new kit from Ertl - $12.99

TEAM CANADA 12" GRETZKY - From the 1987 team, priced at $29.99

TRANSFORMERS EZ COLLECTION - Clear exclusive boxed set - $49.99


HACK//SIGN - Repackaged versions of Black Rose & Subaru

GODZILLA - 2005 DX Boxed Light & Sound figure - $59.99


MARVEL LEGENDS: A TON of new Marvel listings including The Young Avengers and Monsters Gift Pack, Twinpacks Series 1 and 2, Masterworks Series 1 and Series 2, 12" Marvel Legends Icons Series 1 and 2, Marvel Showdown Series 3 and 4, Figure Factory Cases. We don't have any images on these since most are mid 2006 or later releases, but you can count on BBTS to carry all the upcoming Toy Biz releases.

STIKFAS: Three great new kits are now up for preorder at $8.99 each. The cool G2 Gamma Male Viking and two new dinosaurs - Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops are now listed with images.

STAR WARS TRANSFORMERS: The 5th, 6th, and 7th figures in this upcoming line have just been listed. No pictures yet, but figures include Boba Fett Slave 1, Anakin Skywalker Starfighter, and Darth Maul Sith Infiltrator are each listed at $16.99, we hope to have images soon.

WWE WRESTLING: We'll be carrying many of the Jakks Pacific lines in 2006. We've listed the highlight series so far and will list more in the future if these go well. Up for preorder now are WWE Classic Superstar waves 9, 10, 11, and 12 - sets of 8 or 9 figures at great prices. Also just listed is WWE Deluxe Superstars - highly articulated and poseable versions of today's wrestlers. Deluxe Waves 1 through 5 are up for preorder. We have images for Deluxe 1 and Classic 9 and will post more images later as they become available.

TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON ULTRA: Two cool new repaints in the Ultra Class - Sky Shadow and Wing Saber are each up for preorder at $31.99.

18" JOHN LENNON: Just announced by NECA, they have secured a John Lennon license and will produce motion activated sound chipped figures that speak actual Lennon phrases. We have the first figure in 'New York Outfit' priced at $39.99.

1:1 GREEDO BUST: Sideshow continues their lineup of giant busts - Greedo is available to preorder now for $589.99. Sideshow has limited us to just a few pieces so these likely won't last long.

HOT TOYS 17" ALIEN VS. PREDATOR: Imported from Japan - The Celtic Predator and Scar Predator from Hot Toys are now up for preorder at $184.99 these massive figures are nicely detailed.

GODZILLA: The GD-98 die cast Meca Godzilla 1975 figure is now up for preorder at $74.99.

ITEMS ARRIVING SOON: These items will be arriving in the next 2 weeks or less:






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