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Zizzle Unleashes the Iz

iz figure

BANNOCKBURN, Ill. -- Sept. 6, 2005 -- As the toy world looks for its next big hit, an incredible new character from a familiar team may have toy and electronics retailers singing a whole new tune in time for this holiday season. iZ (TM) from Zizzle is a 9 inch-tri-legged fusion of toy and music.

The unique character, which will initially be available in red, green, and blue with other colors to follow, provides a broad aged audience a multitude of play opportunities. As a toy, iZ is one of the most innovative products to hit shelves in years. Kids start by pressing his stomach to start a beat. Once they find a sound they like, they move to iZ's right ear to add a little rhythm to the equation, and turn his left ear to find a musical lead. An easy to use tempo control makes the sounds limitless as players create tunes never heard before. iZ's eyes even independently rock out to the innovative tunes created, bouncing up and down independently of each other. Finally, add the piece de resistance a special "flicker" switch dangling above the hysterical creature's head which adds sound effects and "scratch" to really kick up the jam!

And, that's just where the fun starts. iZ also speaks his own special "jibberishy" language to add the most amazing commentary to any tune. Top it all off with an incredible multi-color changing illuminated horn flashing to the beat and you'll soon see why the 20 billion dollar a year toy world has something to cheer about.

And, while toy enthusiasts can't wait for their first look at iZ, fans of the 13.2 billion dollar music industry have cause to celebrate as well. iZ has a whole other side that already has the internet abuzz. Hold on to your ears, because this phenomenal character is also an animatronic interactive speaker. Simply connect any music source with a standard headphone jack (cord included) such as an iPod, Walkman, radio or CD player and iZ comes to life in a brilliant new way. He will play your music with his horn flashing lights, his eyes bouncing and will act as a DJ, adding his own commentary to any song. Let's not forget iZ's sense of humor which is demonstrated through burps and other "rude" lifelike noises.

John Barbour, president of Toys R Us, "iZ is a truly unique hybrid between toy and music. Never before have I seen a product that will reach such a diverse and broad audience. All of us at Toys R Us were excited when we first heard Roger Shiffman was putting together the team at Zizzle, as the business needs all of the imagination and entrepreneurial spirit available. In less than a year's time, it is amazing to see the impact this new company and their first product can have on the industry."

Shiffman, president of Zizzle, "In getting back to the business, one of the catalysts was putting together a team of people with a history of delivering innovation and marketing. In the case of iZ, this meant finding ways to reach the millions of people online downloading music as well as the millions of pure toy enthusiasts worldwide and showing them that there is a way to fuse their interests that is fun, affordable and relevant. We hope that people will see Zizzle as the home of fresh ideas."

By his side for most of the past 18 years, Shiffman has Marc Rosenberg as Chief Marketing Officer. Rosenberg, "The most fun about launching Zizzle is sharing in the exuberance that Roger brings the business. While he certainly didn't have to prove anything to the toy world, his eye for product and spirit of partnership with retailers, licensors and inventors had been sorely missed. All we want to do is to create the most exciting, innovative product for kids of all ages and market it to the moon."

To that end, Zizzle already has a broad lineup of promotional partners ready to move in ground-breaking directions. Look for iZ to "Zizzle" right off the shelves as soon as it reaches them this fall.

Shiffman has also added Tiger alums Patty Jackson and David Scher. Jackson is Executive Vice President of Product Development. She has been busy readying iZ and a vast line of product for '06 including major electronics introductions as well as a blockbuster boy's line based on a major theatrical release. Scher is Senior Vice President of Sales and is one of the most respected veteran salesmen in the toy industry.

Zizzle was launched in January, 2005 and has offices in Bannockburn, Illinois and Hong Kong. The company is developing a comprehensive line of electronic and traditional toys for 2006 and beyond.

iZ will be available in multiple colors at retail this Fall and carries a suggested retail price of $39.99.

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