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New Arrivals at Big Bad Toy Store

Big Bad Toy Store

February 13, 2004 - (Sponsor Announcement) - Online retailer BigBadToyStore.com has several new items of interest to collectors:

LORD OF THE RINGS: We've received the Return of the King Wave 4 figures, Trilogy Re-Issue figures wave 1 & 2, Cave Trolls, Electronic Gollum, Sword of King Elessar, 11" Rotocast Deluxe Poseable Figures & More! (Pre-Orders processed soon on these items)

MARVEL LEGENDS V: We have four of the Marvel Legends V figures including Sabretooth, Blade, Silver Surfer, and Colossus. Most of them are $9.99 - we currently are pre-sold-out of sets so no sets are currently available. (Pre-Orders sets will be processed soon)

TRANSFORMERS: Exclusive Gray Astrotrain has arrived and is available for $49.99. More Sunstorm and Hauler exclusives have also arrived. Pre-Order for Micron Booster wave 2 boxes of 12 has begun and more BT-01 Takara Smokescreen #7 and #8 have arrived. Japanese Energon / Superlink SS-01 and SS-02 sets have arrived and many other re-issues and other cool Transformers are in stock.

GUNDAM ACTION FIGURES: We've restocked the FIX 0010 GP04G, FIX 0016A Crossbone X-1, and FIX 0017B Z-Plus. More of the Zeonography Zaku #3001A and #3001B have arrived and we still have the FIX 0018 Alex figures in stock.

SPIDERMAN: We've received new Spider-Man 2 Movie based figures including the 6" Series 1 Set of 4, 12" Roto-cast Spider-Man, The very cool 18" Amazing Spider-man - with 67 points of articulation. 12" Ultimate Web Shooter Spider-Man and also the fun Triple Action Web Blaster Glove. A new classic wave including Carnage has also arrived.

MARVEL & X-MEN: A variety of Marvel / X-men items have arrived including: Marvel Manga Twist'Ems, X2 Movie Figures, new X-Men 6" figures that are very well done, 12" Rotocast Wolverine and Wolverine Claws and Mask role play set.


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