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Hiroxion's Images from FX 2004

armies of middle earth
Armies of Middle Earth

January 2004 - RTM Reader Hiroxion has kindly shared with us these images from the 2004 FX (Florida Extravaganza) Show, along with some information about the items seen. Each page has several large images on it, so you may wish to have them open in a new window.

Play Along's Armies of Middle Earth

armies of middle earth
Armies of Middle Earth Orcs

Page 1 - three images of the Fell Beast set
Page 2 - three images - Army of the Dead, Faramir, Frodo
Page 3 - three images - Elrond & Ranger, Eowyn & Merry, the Fellowship

Wal-Mart will be carrying the Armies of Middle Earth and should be stocking cases of Waves 1 to 3.

The Fell Beast features a bendy neck and tail, and there may be another Fell Beast in a Pelennor Fields set.

The Army of the Dead figures will have elbow joints, and if you look closely in the image on page 2, you can see the metal pins where the elbows will be. Ball joints are being added to the shoulders of many of the AOME figures, you can see this on the Boromir (in front of the Fellowship box) on Page 3.

Art Asylum's Lord of the Rings MiniMates

5 images of the LOTR MiniMates

The Lord of the Rings MiniMates should be in stores in the Summer of 2004.

Hiroxion also mentioned that RHunter was a huge help with the Armies of Middle Earth and MiniMates information.

Mezco's Hellboy

Page 1 - three images of the 18-inch Hellboy
Page 2 - six images of carded Hellboy action figures

On the 18-inch Hellboy figure, the Samaritan opens up to reveal the bullets.

Hiroxion points out several features on the smaller figures: sideburns on Baby Hellboy, the mecha glove on Rasputin, and two heads for Abe. The two Hellboy figures differ in the coat (or lack of), head, and hand.

McFarlane's Spawn

Page 1 - four images: Spawn, Sam & Twitch, Raven Spawn, Hellspawn
Page 2 - five images of the Redeemer

The McFarlane Toys display had 2-ups as well as the actual action figures on display - you can see this in the Redeemer pictures, check out the base in each of those images.

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