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Zaptoys Unleashes the TankBot

HONG KONG, Jan. 6 -- TankBot, powered by the latest artificial intelligence (A.I.) and robotic technology, is the newest wireless controlled interactive toy introduced by Zaptoys (Lucky Plastic Factory Limited), a world leader in radio controlled toy, at the Hong Kong International Toy Fair 2003.

TankBot is an infrared controlled futuristic looking tank which offers the real excitement of tank battle. Every TankBot has a built-in Infrared Laser Tag system, which enable up to 3 TankBots to fight in "laser" battles enhanced with spacey sound effects and LED display to keep track of players' scores and statistics. The objective is to seek and shot to destroy the enemy tank with TankBot's Infra red cannon. TankBots will be available for sale at a set of two allowing 2 players to battle against each other.

The major advanced feature that differentiates TankBot from similar products in the market is it facilitates battle game for even one player to play against another self-control TankBot. This is made possible by the latest patented A.I. technology equipped in each TankBot. The A.I. controlled TankBot is fully capable to define its own battling strategy, to manage itself and its position, and to play and experience with different game level. Players can even sit back to watch two A.I. controlled TankBots battling, or, to add more excitement, a third Tankbot can join the battle at the same time.

Each TankBot is also outfitted with nine sets of sophisticated obstacle avoidance and locational sensors. These sensors couple with TankBot's compact size (4x6 inches) which make TankBot portable and playable in anywhere, from living room floor to dinner table. Players can freely design and set their own obstacle courses by using daily items, such as a book, to create endless challenges and fun. Other additional features are two different energy Infrared shots, and virtual protective shielding to protect against opponent's attack.

With the outbreak of A.I. controlled TankBot, children now can play by and entertain themselves when not playing in a group. "Unlike other 'interactive' toys, such as most robotic pets in the market, TankBot invites the player/child to be a participant rather than a passive observer," said JK Jok, Director of Zaptoys.

Zaptoys together with Wany Robotics, Europe's leading robotic technology provider, will be the first to apply such high level of artificial intelligence and robotic technologies in toys. "Using our patented robotic and artificial intelligence technologies, each TankBot will develop a strategy on its own when playing against a real player, fully bringing the most popular video game feature, such as battling against an artificial intelligent controlled opponent, to real life," said Erwann Lavarec, President and Founder of Wany Robotics.

With Wany Robotics' Low-footprint software components and Zaptoys' expertise in toys production and design, TankBot would be featured with the latest artificial intelligence and robotic technologies while at an affordable price.

Information about Wany Robotics

Wany Robotics, Europe's leading robotic technology provider, offers robotic solutions for roboticists and licensee partners around the world. Wany is a privately held company and is headquartered in Montpellier, France. More information on Wany is available on the web at http://www.wanyrobotics.com

Information about Zaptoys

Zaptoys (Lucky Plastic Factory Ltd.), headquartered in Hong Kong, with New York showroom in the International Toy Center located at 200 5th Avenue, develops, manufactures, markets and distributes mechanical action, battery operated, and radio controlled toys and games worldwide.

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