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Exclusive Sneak Peek: Street Fighter 2 Necro!

streetfighter2header.jpg - 26015 Bytes

necronews.jpg - 12358 BytesThe cat is out of the bag! The line-up for ReSaurus' second wave of Street Fighter characters was outed recently despite the company wanting to hold it back for Toy Fair. We have known about the line-up for quite some time and have been anxiously awaiting the green light to share it with you all [Ed. Note: RTM Executive Editor Eric G. Myers was a former ReSaurus employee and the staff of RTM remains in close contact with the ReSaurus staff, especially since both companies are headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.].

We spoke with Doug Sapp, President of ReSaurus about the future of the Street Fighter series and this latest development.

"We were a little disappointed that we weren't able to unveil the line-up like we had planned at Toy Fair. The element of surprise is diminished somewhat, but our enthusiasm for the line is still extremely high. We think that the figures are just going to get better and better" said Sapp.

The confirmed line-up for Round 2 includes Akuma (not Akira as reported elsewhere), Chun Li, Remy, Sagat, Charlie, and Necro. The image above shows each of these characters in the incarnation that will be used for the figures. A tentative list of Round 3 characters has also circulated. These may include Dhalsim, Dan, M. Bison, Guy, Guile, and Ibuki.

"We are literally still making tweaks to the second series so anything regarding a third series is extremely tentative at this point" said Sapp.

ReSaurus is making a conscious effort to spread out some of the more recognizable characters across the series in anticipation of a long run.

We paid a visit to the ReSaurus gang to get the latest scoop on how the series 2 figures were shaping up. Much to our surprise, we were able to see all the resin prototypes. Each figure is exceptionally well done and the entire series will be unveiled at Toy Fair. After much pleading, we were permitted to take photos of one of the prototypes to bring back for our readers. Necro was selected by ReSaurus for this special sneak peek. Part of the reason he may have been chosen is that the final figure is going to be changed slightly due to changes requested by Capcom. So the figure you are seeing here is not a final prototype, but is close in many respects.

We are exceptionally pleased to be able to bring you this exclusive first look at the Necro figure. Check out the link below for an up close and personal look at this amazing figure!

Click Here To Get Up Close And Personal With Necro!

[Updated 01/11/2000]

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