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Hasbro's Marvel Q&A May 2009 (Round 2)

May 2009 - Each month, Hasbro will answer five questions about their Marvel and Spider-Man products. The latest questions and answers are below:

1. Can we expect to see as many new Marvel Universe figs this year at SDCC as there was last year?

Answer: It'll be close. There were a lot last year... and there are a lot this year! Between single packs, comic 2-packs and other goodies, you won't be disappointed!

2. The recent Ms. Marvel MU figure lacked an elbow swivel. Can you detail the production design decisions that lead to this? The GI JOE line has featured several female sculpts that have featured elbow swivels with arms skinnier than the Ms Marvel figure.

Answer: For Ms. Marvel it was primarily an aesthetic decision, but as we move forward, we'll be looking at including an extra "break" in the arms for some of our new female sculpts.

3. Why do the MU figs have different (superior) hip joints compared to the Wolverine movie line?

Answer: There are two design teams that work closely together on these lines. The intent is for both lines to mesh nicely together and complement one another. However, each team has made some individual choices when it comes articulation, etc.

4. Can we have definitive word on whether the Sue/Johnny ML 2-pack is cancelled?

Answer: This wave is not cancelled. However, it does not have a definitive release date either. Similar to the most recent wave of Icons, you will definitely see these at some point but we can't promise exactly when.

5. Are the variants for the 6" legends 2-packs still going to be released (Sharon Carter, Stealth Iron Man...)

Answer: These 2 packs are part of the wave discussed in question 4... still coming, but the dates are not confirmed.

Be sure to check out the previous Q&As as well.

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