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Green Lantern Custom Action Figure Con

Green Lantern Custom Action Figure Con

With the Blackest night is about to descend on us all. Why not celebrate by creating some Great Green Lantern figures?

The Doosh (http://thedoosh.net/forum/index.php?action=forum) Has decided to have an original Green Lantern custom con.

I'm sure all of us have an idea for a Green Lantern swimming around in our heads, here's you chance to put it into action and show off your creativity. Create your own character!

What does the Green Lantern of planet Gallifrey look like? or planet Tatooine? or Vulcan? or Thanagar? or Rann?

But why just limit yourself to Green Lanterns? I've seen some great Sinestro corp customs and Red Lanterns customs, there is a whole rainbow of color out there to explore.

Green. Blue. Red. Yellow. Orange. Violet. and Indigio. and of course Black. Don't limit it yourself to just one color.

The possibilities are endless. Make up your own planet and story to go with your figure. Aug 1 entry deadline.

Super Doosh Green Lantern fans JQ and Dave Cormier, plus GL JIMT from the GL boards have agreed be judges and decide who entry is best in show. Entries will be posted anonymously so as to not influence the judges, and each will be judged on its own merit.

Winner will receive one figure on their choice from the upcoming DC Direct Blackest night wave 1 or wave 2.

those interested in participating can send their to the special gmail account [email protected]

The Blackest night Doosh custom con will run from August 7 to 14, 2009.

The deadline will be, Saturday Aug 1st, 2009 at midnight. No entries will be accepted after this date.


1. Please make your entries original, I'm sure your Hal Jordan custom is great but let's see something you came up with and designed yourself.

2. If possible, we would ask that you photograph the figures so that it looks like they are on display at a convention.

3. The whole point of Blackest Night Doosh CustomCon is to show off your NEW custom creations, so please, no entries of pieces previously seen on websites, forums or in any sort of public gallery.

Ready to Submit your ENTRY?

Send your submissions to [email protected] Please e-mail the following:

- Your first and last name, or just the nickname you go by online. Your preference.
- Your email address.
- Your custom figure website address, if you have one.
- Your address, should you win so your winning figure can be mailed to you along with your preference of a figure from the blackest night wave.
- The name of your Green Lantern, the sector or planet he is from, and any back story you would like to include.
- E-mail me pictures of your original Green Lantern. JPGs are preferred, scaled for screen. (7 inches high at 72 dpi is a good standard, or around 100 kb). Please make sure your images are ATTACHED to the email, NOT embedded. Remember to name your image files appropriately. You may know every Green Lantern ever created by sight, but we might not.
- A description of what they were made from (your toy recipe). Describe what figures you used to make your custom.

Then join us at http://thedoosh.net/forum/index.php?board=3.0 on Aug 7th!

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