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December 2008 Hasbro GI Joe Q&A

December 2008 - Every other month, Hasbro will answer five questions about their GI Joe products. Below are the questions and answers for this month.

1. Since toy prices went up due to the oil going up, now that the oil prices came DOWN... will toy prices go down as well, or will Hasbro keep the newish higher prices for GI Joes?

Answer: Price increases were a result of increases in shipping, plastic costs, labor costs, increases in steel, and increases in packaging prices. Thus, it is doubtful we will see a price decrease in the near future.

2. I was under the impression (and hoping admittedly) that the 12" Sideshow GI Joe figures were going to be based on the inspiration of the 80's designs. However we have seen a very geared-up and detailed Snake Eyes and a trenchcoat-attired Cobra Commander. Where are these modern-looking designs originating from? The upcoming movie? The new GI Joe comic coming soon? GI Joe Resolute? Something original with Sideshow? Will we see 80's inspired Joes through Sideshow?

Answer: The Sideshow pieces are based on the 1980's lore, but are given flexibility to deliver the best 12" expression possible. The Hasbro design team and Sideshow worked hand in hand to create these figures…and we are thrilled with the result!

3. Given the file card entry on the GI Joe Matt Trakker, it sounds like this could be a set up for MASK to spin out of the Joe line. Is this a "testing of the waters" to see if a 3.75" MASK line would pique our interest? And, yes, I'd be ecstatic if the answer is affirmative.

Answer: Matt Trakker was planned as a one time tribute figure.

4. So it's being reported that the mail away Doc figure is starting to ship with the retooled arms... What does that mean for those who would prefer to have this fixed figure, especially when some still don't know which version they will be receiving?

Answer: The first run of Doc figures produced last year had the original arms and were sent out to fans early this year. When we ran out of figures, a second batch was created (with updated arms) and is being sent out as we speak. If you are waiting to receive your figure, it should be the Doc with the newer arms.

5. Walmart seems oddly absent of 4 inch exclusives. Do they have some on the way?

Answer: In 2009 you can expect to see 3 3/4" return to Walmart.

Be sure to check out the previous Q&As as well.

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