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May 2008 Hasbro Star Wars Q&A (Part Two)

May 2008 - Every couple of weeks, Hasbro will answer three questions per web site about their Star Wars products. Here are the questions and answers for the latest round:

1. Will Mighty Muggs get more accessories/playsets/vehicles/anything? Maybe an accessory pack sold separately, or sold online?

Answer: Nope - Mighty Muggs will continue to stay as is - a line focused on the unique, Hasbro-created Mighty Muggs silhouette, with small accessories unique to each character, and not as a vehicle/play system.

2. Is there any version of a Star Wars character you feel is the "definitive" version - which would preclude him or her from ever being remade again? If not, is there one that you feel is "really close" to being the definitive version?

Answer: That's an interesting question, since the sculpting aesthetics, articulation, and even what we can do with softgoods has evolved over time to the point where figures from a few years ago that we once thought were as good as it will ever get now can be enhanced with articulation here or there. The more minor the character is, like many of the Cantina denizens or Jabba's guys (i.e. Yarna or Bane Malor), that is likely to be the only figure that we'll ever see of them so by definition they are "definitive" and we take that approach at the outset with them whenever possible.

There are certainly some core figures, like Darth Vader, where we think we have pushed as far as we can to really nail all aspects and are hard pressed to come up with a new take that justifies a new reworking. The upcoming Vader with removable helmet in Legacy/Droid Factory Wave 1 is a great example of a figure that really does "have it all" and one that will probably become the new "definitive" Vader.

3. For Indiana Jones, the Indy figures have such a questionable likeness to Harrison Ford, especially compared to Hasbro's Han Solo figures. So we know the scale is not an issue. Given the lead time required to get these to market, can we expect to see better likeness' on upcoming Indiana Jones figures?

Answer: Yes, you will. For the IJ figures, we were reacting to a need to develop a line on a fast timeframe to get to market by 5/1. IJ is also developed at a different factory than SW, so there is a learning aspect there as well. As a result of these, we did not have the chance to make as many adjustments as we'd have liked. This has improved as time has gone on and we are confident you will love the upcoming waves.

A note from the Star Wars brand team:

We have noticed on some boards that some collectors are deciding to wait until the Target-exclusive Order 66 sets go on sale before pouncing. This year, Target has advised us that the order 66 sets will not go on sale when they come off the checklane endcaps and will extend at regular pricing in the planogram. We think that those fans waiting may be disappointed when the ones they want sell out. If there are certain army builders or characters that collectors had their eyes on, they might not want to wait...

Be sure to check out the previous Q&As as well.

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