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April 2008 Hasbro GI Joe Q&A

April 2008 - Every other month, Hasbro will answer five questions about their GI Joe products. Here are the questions and answers for this month:

1. Will GI Joe figures ship internationally? Still no Joes here in Chile except for Scalpers who sell them at 20,000pesos which is roughly 44USD which is ridiculous (single carded figs). Chile is gaga about anything 80s so they are missing out on a big market here.

Answer: We are working with our international group and they are very excited about the opportunities that the movie will bring in their markets. They are excited for all the fans that grew up with GI Joe over the last 25 years, as well as new consumers of all ages. Some markets may begin to carry GI JOE product pre-movie, but most will probably wait until the summer.

2. The 25th Anniversary figures are really great - is there any JOE character you wanted to make but just didn't have room on the schedule for?

Answer: Everyone on the team has a favorite character and most have been made or are being made. Chuckles is a favorite we have not gotten to.

3. Has there been any consideration at Hasbro regarding the potential for crossover sales between 4 inch joes and the new 4 inch Marvel lines as it relates to similar design, sculpting, and articulation between the two lines?

Answer: Right now there are no crossover plans between GI Joe and Marvel, but we hope that fans of our 3 3/4" will enjoy their incredible new line... also we like to leave some of the cross overs up to the imaginations of the fans.

4. Any chance to get a 25TH anniversary 5 figure set of G.I.Joe drivers with characters such as Steeler, CoverGirl (Courtney Krieger), Cutter, Thunder and Deep Six (just to mention a few good ones)? Perhaps single carded?

Answer: No plans for a driver 5 pack right now... but there will be more drivers
coming with the vehicle packs in 2008 and 2009

5. Are we going to see a slow down or a complete halt to the 25th Anniversary series when Hasbro drops the movie toys on the market in 2009?

Answer: Here is the plan from now until movie. The official 25th anniversary, a one year celebration, will end in June 2008. The line will continue in 25th anniversary style, just without foil packaging and 25th anniversary logos until the movie. At the movie product will be focused on the movie, but based on the 25th anniversary sculpts... so you will continue to see the product you love for the foreseeable future!

Be sure to check out the previous Q&As as well.

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