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The Internet Off-White Toy Pages:

Official Sites:

LEGO's official site for BIONICLE.

LEGO's official site for BIONICLE music.

Pages on RTM:

The Toa Nuva
An overview of Toa Nuva, an evolved form of the Toa figures. The Toa Nuva are due in stores in September 2002.

Onua Nuva
An RTM Spotlight article on the Onua Nuva figure, with pictures and information.

An overview of the Bohrok, part of the 2002 BIONICLE product line.

A BIONICLE Introduction
A basic overview of the BIONICLE action figure series, with mask codes.

Mask of Time Mail-in Offer
A June 2002 news item about the Walgreens mail-in offer for the Mask of Time.

BIONICLE Shoes by Nike
A November 2002 news item about the Toa Nuva shoes made by Nike, with toe-box masks for the different Toa Nuva.

Elsewhere on the Net:

Before You Buy BIONICLE
An extremely simple guide (aimed at parents) to the basics of BIONICLE, explaining the kinds of action figures and sets available from LEGO.

Figure Focus: BIONICLE CD Powerpack
Pictures and information about the silver mask and the Tohunga which were packed with the BIONICLE music CD.

Figure Focus: BIONICLE Toa
Pictures and information about the Toa action figures in the BIONICLE line, including the combined figures (Toa Kaita). There are also video clips.

Figure Focus: BIONICLE Turaga
Pictures and information about the Turaga action figures in the BIONICLE line.

Figure Focus: Muaka & Kane-Ra
Pictures and information about the Muaka & Kane-Ra BIONICLE set, including the combined Rahi figure. There are also video clips.

BIONICLE at Toy Fair 2001
Pictures and information about the BIONICLE line, from Toy Fair 2001. There are pictures from the LEGO showroon and the BIONICLE van.

Pictures and reader reviews of BIONICLE sets, listed by set number.

Dave's BIONICLE Rants
Scroll to the "reviews" section for Dave's reviews of the Toa and Turaga.

This reference site has mask checklists, news about BIONICLE, and a walk-through of the Mata-Nui online game on the BIONICLE.com web site, among other resources for collectors and fans.

Read this community online (like a bulletin board) or in your email as a mailing list.

An excellent reference site with news, product sightings, a mask checklist, and instructions for building BIONICLE figures.

Yahoo! Groups BIONICLE Mailing List
A mailing list for BIONICLE fans.

Where to Buy:

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Find BIONICLE on eBay.com

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