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Here at Raving Toy Maniac, we thought we needed to cover the top news events of 2000, the editors have put together playsets that should be available...
Elian!: Cuban Crisis playset and related figures. This set features the infamous pre-dawn raid and all the main players...Marisleysis, Castro, Reno, and of course Elian, Donato and the SWAT Team.
This set uses
  • Resaurus's Special Forces'SQB, Duke Nukem, and Mach 5 Spridle.
  • DC Direct's Alfred E. Neuman
  • McFarlane Toys' Where the Wild Things Are Bernard
  • bbi's Alana
Who Wants to Marry a Pez Head The saga, the scandal, the fruity flavors.
This set uses
  • Pez Bride.
  • Pez Groom.
Bush's Skeletons In the Closet DUI playset features George W.'s infamous driving under the influence arrest in the seventies. With 5 awesome action sounds!
This set uses
  • Playmobil's Motorcycle cop and beer keg.
  • Kubrick's Planet of the Apes' Lucius
  • scale model Ferrari
Survivor Edition Easy -Bake Oven recreates all the fun living of island life with your own rat and grub barbeque!
This set uses
  • Hasbro's Easy-Bake Oven
  • Real rats and grubs
Metallica vs. Napster twin pack. This set includes Napster founder Shawn Fanning and pits him against Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. Shawn comes with the Constitution and a laptop. Lars comes with the Constitution and a lawsuit.
This set uses
  • Resaurus's Grand Prix Speed
  • bbi's Hawk
  • Many copyrighted images used for satirical purposes only

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