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Playboy Playmates Dolls:
Victoria Silvstedt

Victoria Silvstedt doll

In 1953, one man decided to take a very risky gamble on a publication, so risky that he even left his name off of the magazine just to make sure he could still get work. His name was Hugh Hefner, and that risk taken nearly fifty years ago made him rich, famous and continually surrounded by beautiful women. The magazine was 'Playboy' and it also added an institution to popular culture - The Playboy Playmate.

The very first Playmate may well be the most famous, and arguably sex personified in the modern age - Marilyn Monroe. From that point on the idea of the Playmate has come to represent women who were feminine yet strong, and always gorgeous. There have been many ways to take images of these women home over the years: in the magazine itself, in calendars, lighters and even die cast cars. While these items don't really let you bring home the girl, the latest collectible offering does, albeit at a quarter size. Now there are Playmate fashion dolls, that recreate the look of famous Playmates, and an in-depth look at them can be read in RTM's exclusive article covering the design process for these figures.

Victoria SilvstedtThe first doll in this line is Victoria Silvstedt, the 1997 Playmate of the Year. The most striking feature about this doll (besides its large 16" size) is that it is anatomically accurate. How accurate? Well, in the interest of providing the best information possible, we were forced to dig out the December 1996 issue of Playboy and, after removing the doll's clothing, make some comparisons. While the best comparison would be of Victoria herself in person, she was unavailable (though the invitation stands). After extensive research, it's clear that the doll is pretty close in that regard. The doll has been sculpted to recreate Victoria's body in great detail (with her supervision), and that detailing is sculpted and not merely painted on (which includes areas both above and below the belt).

These dolls retail for around $39.99 to $49.99 US and due to their nature they are for adult collectors over 18 years of age. This doll is limited to a run of 30,000 figures worldwide and less than half of those will be available in the United States. They are available from Spencer Gifts, TowerRecords.com, and the playboystore.com. There will also be a very limited number (approximately 100) that will be autographed and available via Victoria Silvstedt's personal site that you can have personalized -- www.victoriasilvstedt.com.

Victoria Silvstedt doll
Click image to "unfold" the centerfold
(366kb image)

Victoria Silvstedt dollThe doll of Victoria Silvstedt comes wearing a black bikini, black shoes, and a maroon bathrobe with the Playboy rabbit head symbol woven into the pattern. She is also wearing a small rabbit head pendant necklace, both the pendant and chain are metal. The doll comes with a round base/stand with a nameplate and a certificate of authenticity. You'll need the stand because the doll does not stand well on its own.

Victoria SilvstedtThe packaging is a bit minimalist and this pushes the focus onto the doll itself. The box is mostly plain white, with the Playboy rabbit head, Victoria's name, and "Playmate of the Year 1997" on most sides. The back explains a bit about the series of dolls and has Victoria's "Playmate Data Sheet" from her "Miss December 1996" centerfold pictorial. The front flap of the box has three small Velcro patches to hold it shut, and (of course!) the background of the box liner is the courtyard of the Playboy Mansion.

The Victoria doll isn't articulated as an action figure would be, but is made of softish vinyl which can be moved. We say "softish" because it is not as rubbery or squishy as the Girl Force dolls from JAKKS Pacific or the flexible tummies on the Jewel Girl Barbie dolls. The torso and arms have a softer plastic than the legs due to a wire frame inside the legs that allows them to be bent much in the way that bendies can be posed. Victoria's arms can be moved, but they do not hold a pose.

The doll has rooted hair, which is tied back in the packaging. After removing the rubber band from the hair, you may want to brush out the hair with a fashion doll's hair brush.

She also features paint highlights and shadowing on various parts of her body to create a realistic look.

Playmate Doll Data Sheet
Name - Victoria Silvstedt
Height - 16"
Weight - We'll never tell!
Bust - 8"
Waist - 5"
Hips - 7"
Ambitions - to be the most popular anatomically accurate doll ever!
Turn-ons - highly articulated males that have 'nice butts'.
Turn-offs - men who are too fond of the 'kung-fu grip'.

Victoria doll pictures, page 1 (6 big pictures)

Victoria doll pictures, page 2 (6 medium pictures)

Victoria Doll Centerfold

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