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The Dead: Patient Zero

patient zero the dead action figure

The dead. They have a few advantages over the living. They don't have to pay taxes and they can still vote. They aren't slaves to fashion and they usually don't have to pay to get into places. But the downside - they seem to be really hungry.

The Dead is a new line of figures created by Sideshow Collectibles to showcase their love of, well... the dead. In this case, we're looking at zombies, the undead kind that like to eat the living and tend only to be stopped by destroying their brains. This is one case where a mind isn't a terrible thing to waste.

Patient Zero was an exclusive at the 2005 Comic-Con International at San Diego and to be honest, he fit right in. No, it isn't really a horror show, nor is it really much of a comics convention when you get right down to it (more pop culture than anything). But his lack of hygiene, penchant for milling about trying to consume things and interesting costume made him just one of the guys!

patient zero the dead action figure

Since there were only 300 lucky folks who were able to get this guy, and you can't buy him any more at present, why cover him? Well, he's the start of something and so what better way to preview what The Dead may become than with the 'zero issue' figure, as it were.

The back story is still shrouded in mystery, or maybe it just hasn't been totally invented yet! Only The Dead know for sure, and they haven't had much to say beyond a few moans, groans and some verses of songs from the Spice Girls. Those tunes are that catchy!!

patient zero the dead action figure

However, with Sideshow there's no mystery as to the quality you'll get. The nearly white package (just a bloody hand print) slides up and inside is the bloody window box containing Patient Zero, with a face that just looks like he cut it shaving.

the dead action figure
See the Big Picture
The Patient has a nice watch, some decent shoes and pretty shabby clothes. He wears a nice belt but his shirt and pants are tattered and blood stained. He comes with a delicious appetizer that is finger-licking good (better known as Fred's hand) and he has a newspaper with him. Click on the big picture to find out a use for the paper.

Most of the articles are gibberish, gibberish as in traditional random letter gibberish. There is a Marine recruiting ad but since Marines can't read it doesn't matter (and this is also why I can pick on them with impunity). However, there is one article that you can read with a little advice on zombie fighting and weapon choices. Spoiler - you'll need guns!

He also comes with the cool Sideshow figure stand, emblazoned with the bloody logo for The Dead. He may be a dirty zombie but using someone else's stand would just be unclean and disgusting! He uses the Sideshow 12" body with tons of articulation as listed below.

the dead action figure

  • Neck - ball-joint
  • Shoulders - floating ball-joints*
  • Biceps - twists
  • Elbows - double hinge joints
  • Forearms - twists
  • Wrists - hinges and twists
  • Chest - ball-joint
  • Waist - ball-joint
  • Thighs - ball-joints
  • Upper Thighs - twists
  • Knees - double hinge joints
  • Lower Calves - twists
  • Ankles - hinge joints

* These allow some movement forward and back.

patient zero the dead action figure

More pictures of Patient Zero

Where to buy Patient Zero: Ha! You can't get him anywhere but eBay right now!! But watch Sideshow's site for new bodies joining the Dead! One of us... One of us...

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