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S.K.U.M.M. action figure

X Concepts built itself on the success of the various Tech Deck finger boards, hand boards and accessories, and is moving into the action figure arena, but keeping close to its roots in skateboarding. The result of this is the 'Super Kinetic Ultra Magnetic Men', or S.K.U.M.M. for short.

SKUMM action figureThe figures are about 4 " tall, and they have vinyl outfits which cover them and that are printed with a variety of designs and patterns. There are 12 basic designs for the figures' clothing, along with 12 different masks that they wear. Under the masks lie more than 100 different heads that are randomly packed with each figure and can't be see until the figure is opened and the mask removed. While some of the heads are basic human heads, there are many that have other looks (such as a gorilla head) that can open up trading to get certain heads. In the future, X Concepts plans to change around which heads are under which masks, so that even if you buy what appears to be the same figure in the future, you might be getting a figure with a different head.

Under the vinyl jumpsuit (which is sewn on) is the highly-articulated SKUMM body. The packaging lists 12 movable joints, and they are well illustrated on the cardback. (You can also see this illustration on the official TechDeckSkumm.com site.) The shoulders and thighs have ball joints, while the neck has a sort of ball joint that allows both twisting and some bending of the head up and back. The waist has a twist while the knees and elbows can bend. The ankles can twist and they each have magnets inside them, along with a magnet in the back. The foot magnets are strong enough to suspend the figure upside down or even sideways on a metal object (like a refrigerator) and the back is strong enough to keep the figure attached with the board stuck to the feet.

SKUMM action figure
The S.K.U.M.M.'s Skateboard

The board itself is made of metal, with real metal trucks that are screwed in, and plastic wheels. It also has grip tape on the surface of the board. The metal of the board provides a perfect surface for the magnetic feet to attach, and the figure stays on there easily through turns and tricks. The board is also designed to be able to hold wheelies with the figure on it. Some of the SKUMM figures come with metal and magnetic bases for display, while this one had a skateboard.

Later this year, X Concepts will unveil a 'SKUMM Bucket' which is a fold-out playset for these SKUMM figures and a set of SKUMM jumpers (which use motorcyles and are designed to 'joust' each other). For more pictures of SKUMM figures, the playset and the SKUMM jumpers, please look at RTM's Toy Fair coverage of X Concepts.

These toys are recommended for children 9 & up and they are available at major mass-market retailers that also sell the various Tech Deck equipment. (For collectors outside of the US, TechDeck.com features a store finder so that you can see which retailers in your country sell Tech Deck products.) The S.K.U.M.M. figures retail in the $7.99 USD price range.

Click to see more pictures of the S.K.U.M.M. figure

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