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Taking a bite out of the holidays:
Sideshow Toy's
Holiday Edition Dracula

Holiday Dracula action figure

At the end of 2000, Sideshow Toy decided to create a special edition of their popular 12" Frankenstein as a gift to various friends of the company. It was the same 12" figure, but instead of the well-known outfit from the classic film, Frank was dressed in pajamas, with a nightcap. There were only around 400 of these made, and he had a short message across his tail - "Ho, ho, ho!"

Sideshow Toy logoWith the success of the company in 2001, it was only natural to continue the tradition with a new holiday figure. The only way to follow up an icon of horror films like Frankenstein would be to use an even bigger icon - Count Dracula as played by Bela Lugosi. Lugosi made such a mark on the role that no other vampiric role in film has ever come close. Since Dracula is more a creature of Halloween rather than the more joyous celebrations that fall around the end of the year, the Sideshow Toy team has made the Prince of Darkness a little more cuddly!

This figure uses the same 12" body as the Dracula figure released earlier this year, but he's eschewed the formal wear traditionally worn in favor of some red pajamas. Before you think that his Transylvanian has been confused with the Playboy mansion (and another pajama-wearing lady-killer) you'll be pleased to know that the good Count included his luxurious black cape. The cape is perfect for striking dramatic poses as well as making a great picnic blanket when the moon is out! The cape does have a string to tie it around the neck and it has a grey inner lining.

The Count always takes his entourage wherever he goes, and you get the two rats and one very large bat that make up the 'Prince's Posse'. The bat has an almost six inch wingspan, and it's the perfect vehicle for a vampire on the go when he needs to slip in and out undetected to leave presents or grab some cookies and a pint... Sideshow included the now ubiquitous flagstone base, even though the Count has no boots, but just booties.

Count DraculaThis is essentially the same figure as the previous Dracula that Sideshow released - the box is the same, as are the accessories and the cape. The figure uses the highly articulated Sideshow 12" body, and the joints are tighter than some of the earlier figures, especially for the ankles and legs. The package is the same, save a banner that goes around the box with a bow printed on it and a gift card addressed from Sideshow Toy with a blank 'to' spot. Dracula does have a completely new outfit, and these figures were limited to a very small run available via Sideshow's site and the ones that were sent out to press and retailers.

The likeness was sculpted by Oluf W. Hartvigson, while the figure and accessories were designed by the Sideshow Toy Figure Team.

One last thing, the one-piece pajamas do have a rear escape hatch that unbuttons to reveal a special message from Sideshow Toy. Bela does have molded black underwear, and that secret message is revealed on the page with more images of Holiday Dracula!

Click to see more pictures of Holiday Dracula

Click to see pictures of Dracula's Accessories

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