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Barbie® as Daphne

barbie doll as daphne from scooby doo

Ever the renaissance woman, Barbie® can do anything she wants to do and be anyone she wants to be. Over the years, we have seen Barbie® as a doctor, an astronaut, a teacher, etc. Mattel has also made her as Wonder Woman, as an Ensign from Star Trek, and as both Lily Munster and Morticia Addams.

Now Barbie® takes a turn as Daphne from the live action Scooby Doo film. Interestingly, her package is not labeled as being a film product, although the film is mentioned on the back of the packaging and the live action cast is pictured on the back. (Equity Marketing took a similar approach for their Scooby Doo movie merchandise - the action figures resemble the cartoons and do not have the likenesses of the actors in the film.) But Barbie® is Daphne from the film, as you can see by her outfit.

barbie doll as daphne from scooby dooBarbie® as Daphne is a "regular" version Barbie® play doll, with clicky knees, joints at her hips and shoulders, and a head which turns. She has waist-length reddish hair which is parted on the side and held in partially in place by her pink sunglasses. (The sunglasses are sewn onto her hair with a single stitch, but can be removed.)

She is dressed in Daphne's outfit from the film - more pink than the purple usually seen in the cartoons. She has a sleeveless pink wrap-around dress (trimmed in a lighter pink at the top and bottom), with a matching jacket of the same length, and a sheer green scarf. The outfit is "tacked" in with single stitches in places so that it displays properly in the box. (For example, the scarf and jacket are stitched to the dress near the belt so that the scarf does not flop around it the box.) The dress and jacket are about mid-thigh length, and she has matching pink underwear painted on.

Scooby Doo (Double Sided)
Scooby Doo
(Double Sided)
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Another change in Daphne's outfit from the film is her boots - in the cartoon Daphne is generally wearing shoes, but this outfit includes pink high-heeled boots which go up to her knees. Barbie®'s boots snap on rather than slide on: they are one piece, with a hinge at the heel, so that the back portion can snap into the front and keep the boots from sliding off. Although Barbie®'s feet are the traditional "high heel" feet, due to the boots, she can stand on her own for short periods of time. It takes a bit of work to get her to stand, but it is possible. If you want to display her out of the box, it would probably be best to use a stand.

The included plush toy of Scooby Doo is about six inches tall, and has a cardboard "SD" tag hanging from his collar, similar to the Scooby Doo plush toys made by Equity Marketing. This Scooby, however, has no inner bendy wires to allow him to be posed as some of the smaller Equity plushes do. Mattel has all of his spots in the right places, and his ears and eyes have the right air of goofiness about them.

Barbie®'s accessories are a mix of plastic and cardboard. The cardboard items are a pyramid (already assembled), a "notepad" and a magnifying glass which has a plastic "glass" in it. The plastic bits are a pink laptop computer, a green pencil, a silver flashlight, a silver camera, a green box of Scooby Snacks, and a translucent pink purse which opens. The camera, flashlight, pencil, and magnifying glass are all designed so that Barbie®'s hand can hold them. The laptop opens and closes and has a paper insert so that the Scooby Doo logo appears on the screen.

Also included in the box is a flyer which gives the url for the Scooby Doo film (www.scoobydoo.com), has a word scramble, and lists the upcoming DVD and videcassette releases of Scooby Doo movies and cartoons.

barbie doll as daphne from scooby doo

If you are a MIB Barbie® collector, the packaging on this set lends itself well to remaining mint-in-box while being an attractive display piece: the inner portion of the box is decorated with a cartoony building, with cardboard cutouts lending a three-dimensional aspect. The cutouts include the Mystery Machine, a Scooby Doo totem pole, and signs which warn "No Trespassing" and "Go Home."

More pictures of Barbie® as Daphne

Where to buy Barbie® as Daphne: This Barbie® doll retailed in the $16 to $18 USD price range when she was released in 2002. If you can no longer find her in your local toy stores, you might want to check eBay for her.

More Scooby merchandise (Scooby Doo Bendable Figures, Talking Hug Me Scooby Doo Dolls) is available at the Warner Brothers online store: WBShop.com

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