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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Series Four

Buffy Series Four action figures

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has seen several incarnations, first being a motion picture, then translated into a television series which has switched networks. Two different actresses have portrayed Buffy and now three different toy companies have made Buffy action figures. Exclusive Premiere made the first ones, which were nine inches tall. Sideshow Toy followed these with 12" figures of Buffy and three of the Gentlemen from the episode Hush. Moore Action Collectibles is now on their fourth series of Buffy action figures, and is also producing figures based on Angel, the popular spin-off series.

For Series Four, Moore Action has produced two Gentlemen from the Hush episode as well as Drusilla. A fourth figure in this series is Anya, but Anya is an exclusive and is seen in her bunny suit. The other exclusive figure in this series is Vampire Drusilla.

The regular Buffy Series Four action figures are available in comic book stores, several online stores, and on the Moore Action Collectibles site. They retail for around $14 to $17 USD.

Moore Action lists creative team credits on the back of the cardbacks, and sculptor credits on the front. James Stapp and Sculpt This sculpted the Drusilla figure and Jeremy Bush sculpted the two Gentlemen figures.

Click on a picture to see more pictures of that action figure.

DrusillaDrusilla has a heavy base with sculpted skull pillars - her "collector number" is on the base rather than her feet, as her feet are a bit small. She comes with a knife, a small bloody bottle, a red long-stemmed rose, and her Ms. Edith doll.

Drusilla has no legs due to her sculpted skirt, but she is sculpted so that she balances well and can stand on her own without being pegged into the base. The articulation she does have is: neck, shoulders, bicep twists, elbows, wrists, and waist. Her plain black skirt is contrasted by the sculpted details on her shirt. Dru has plenty of detailed paint applications, including her fingernails and her hair clip. Even Ms. Edith has paint details: her hair ribbon and waist ribbon match, and the paint wash on her dress adds depth to the skirt.

GentlemenThe two Gentlemen action figures each have detailed bases, and when the bases are placed side-by-side, they form a complete background - the window in the clock tower from the Hush episode. Each base has a peg sticking out from the window... the peg fits a hole in the back of the figures, so that they can be displayed "floating" as they appear in the episode. The collector numbers for these figures are printed on their feet.

Both figures are articulation the same way: neck, shoulders, bicep twists, elbows, wrists, and waist. Neither has articulation past the waist, but considering the characters, they do not need any. The two Gentlemen have different head sculpts and different attitudes - one has his head tilted.

GentlemenBoth Gentlemen come with an extra figure - an unarticulated henchman in a straight jacket. These are identical except for paint details, and their arms are bendy. The Gentleman on the right side comes with extra hands, heart, jar, surgical scissors, and tongs. The Gentleman on the left side comes with extra hands, box, bottle with cork, pliers, scalpel, and an awl. The detailing on the accessories is very nice, including little hinges sculpted onto the box to give the appearance of a lid. (If only getting the box open to let out the voices was so easy!) The hands they have on when in package are flat hands, and the extra hands are curled hands so that they can hold their accessories or do the "straighten the tie" pose.

Click to see pictures of Drusilla

Click to see pictures of the Gentlemen (page 1)

Click to see pictures of the Gentlemen (page 2)

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