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Peggy Bundy Maquette

Peggy Bundy Maquette

When flipping television stations, are there certain shows which make you stop flipping and pay attention? Everyone has their own list of shows which, once on the screen, stay on until the episode is over, no matter how many times you may have already seen that particular episode. Although this list is a personal thing, there are certain shows which are on a lot of "remote stopper" lists: Cheers, M*A*S*H, All in the Family, Seinfeld, and Married with Children are shows which make many people stop flipping and start watching.

Peggy Bundy Maquette
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Cheers was a place we wished we could go, M*A*S*H made us laugh and cry, All in the Family pushed boundaries, and Seinfeld was about nothing. But Married with Children, well, it is a head-scratcher. A comedy about a dysfunctional family in Chicago, it left many viewers confused about one key element: how could Al Bundy have no interest at all in his wife Peggy, who was obviously an extremely attractive and, to be blunt, willing, woman? Al was supposed to be your average frustrated middle-aged man, getting no respect at work and no respect from his friends or family. Yet he had a drop-dead gorgeous wife, and inexplicably ignored her. Viewers wished that they had his "problems."

Married with Children ran on FOX from 1987 to 1997, so the "situation" in this situation comedy was one that viewers liked. In addition to Peggy, the daughter on the show (Kelly) was also "eye candy" for viewers, and the son (Bud) was essentially a younger Al, getting no respect from anyone.

Peggy Bundy Maquette

Peggy Bundy was played by Katey Sagal, older sister to the twins who starred on the short-lived series Double Trouble in the mid-1980s. Since the end of Married with Children, Katey Sagal has been Hyde's mother on That 70s Show and supplied the voice for Leela on Futurama. Not limiting herself to just acting, she has also been a back-up singer for Bette Midler, Bob Dylan, and Gene Simmons.

Peggy Bundy MaquetteElectric Tiki Design has chosen Peggy Bundy to be the third maquette in their "Tooned Up Television" series, following Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie and Samantha from Betwitched. The Married with Children sub-series will continue with Al Bundy, and then Kelly and Bud. The "Tooned Up Television" maquettes translate popular television characters into cartoonish versions, boiling the characters down to the essential elements. In the case of the Peggy maquette, these elements include her giant hairdo and her walk.

Peggy's unique walk is due to the combination of her high-heeled shoes and her rather tight pants. The pants have a slightly glossy finish, giving the impression of a stretchy fabric. Very often on the show, Peggy's walk was accompanied by her hands waving in the air, and Electric Tiki has captured this in the sculpt of the maquette. Her hands are in the air and only one of her feet is flat on the base, with the other leg bent as if she is taking a step. Peggy's outfit is completed with a tight leopard pattern shirt with cut-outs on the shoulders.

The face of the maquette is a caricature of Katey Sagal, with a wide smile, rosey cheeks, and closed eyes. Peggy's hair is enormous: piled much higher on her head than it was on the show and forming a helmet which hides her ears and shoulders. Her hair extends halfway down her back, with a few curls cascading over her shoulders in the front.

Peggy Bundy Maquette

Not counting the small base, the Peggy maquette is about 9.5 inches tall, with about .75 inches of that being the hair built up over where the top of her head should be.

Peggy was designed ("tooned up") by Tracy Lee and sculpted by Tony Cipriano. This piece is a limited edition of 2,500 regular editions and 50 artist proofs. The maquette is packed sturdily inside the box with molded Styrofoam pieces and has a numbered color Certificate of Authenticity. The bottoms of the maquette and the box are also numbered.

Peggy Bundy Maquette

More Pictures of Peggy

Where to buy Peggy: The Peggy Bundy maquette is available directly from Electric Tiki Design for $79, or from several other online retailers.

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