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Indiana Jones
Belloq in Ceremonial Robes
Cairo Swordsman
German Mechanic
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones in Desert Disguise
Indiana Jones in German Uniform
Marion Ravenwood
Monkey Man
12-inch Indy
Arabian Horse
Convoy Truck
Map Room
Streets of Cairo
Well of the Souls
Card fronts
Card fronts:

Each of the nine figures was released on a card with individual art for that character. The first four figures' (Indy, Marion, Swordsman, and Toht) card fronts originally had a teaser for the Ceremonial Belloq offer. These four figures were re-released on second-series cards without this teaser.

Card backs:

The first card back shows all four figures from the first series, plus the Map Room and Well of the Souls accessories.

The second card back adds the 5 new figures, plus the Streest of Cairo and Arabian Horse accessories.

The card backs for Indiana Jones, Indiana Jones in German Disguise, and German Mechanic all have a smaller group picture to make room for instructions for these characters' quick-arm action feature.

first card back second card back
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