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Dukes of Hazzard
Bo Duke
Boss Hogg
Daisy Duke
Luke Duke
Sheriff Rosco Coltrane
Uncle Jesse
Boss Hogg's Caddy
Cooter's Garage
Daisy's Jeep
The General Lee
Police Chase Car
Catalog sheet (front) Catalog sheet (back)
  • This 8-inch x 11-inch catalog sheet was used by Mego sales representatives to sell Dukes Of Hazzard toys to vendors, and for the vendors to use in creating their own advertisements (hence the variety of Mego logos and the color, black-and-white, and line-art images of the same toys)
  • Both the front and the back of the sheet feature images and descriptions of the General Lee and Daisy's Jeep accessories
  • The Daisy figure shown in the picture has a different color scheme than the released version. The released version has a green shirt and blue shorts, whereas the one in the picture above has a blue shirt and white shorts
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