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Dukes of Hazzard
Bo Duke
Boss Hogg
Daisy Duke
Luke Duke
Sheriff Rosco Coltrane
Uncle Jesse
Boss Hogg's Caddy
Cooter's Garage
Daisy's Jeep
The General Lee
Police Chase Car
card frontcard back
  • Mego released Dukes of Hazzard figures with the same collage card art
  • The character's name is to the left of the bubble
  • The card back is plain cardboard, and features images from the TV show
Canadian card front Canadian card back
  • The Canadian package is very similar to the U.S. one
  • The card front adds the Good Toys logo and French text
  • The card back adds the French text, but does not mention the Cooter, Uncle Jesse, or Cletus figures. Either these figures were not available in Canada, or they were simply omitted from the card back to create space for the French text
Image credits:
  • Dave's Dukes of Hazzard Homepage

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