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Mint Wagon
  • Kenner released the Mint Wagon as part of the Butch and Sundance toy line
  • The text in the 1979 Kenner Toy Fair catalog reads:
It's a gun thunderin' fort on wheels, wild as the West it came from and armed to the hilt for action. Scaled to the 3 3/4-inch BUTCH and SUNDANCE action figures, the MINT WAGON is drawn by four horses and includes the following features: Gatling gun with gunner and a rifleman who can fire from all four sides of the wagon. Both can be removed and stationed outside the wagon, too! Also included are two "gold chests," and a wagon ramp. Secret "break-away" yoke assembly allows for runaway horses. Ages 5 and up. Assembly required.
  • Although all the toys from this line are hard to find, this toy seems particularly scarce.
Image credits:
  • Catalog images provided by Chris Georgoulias. Check out his Kenner Toy Fair Catalog section at the Star Wars Collecters Archive

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