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Toy Pizza Episode 74: Knights of the Slice Update

July 2015 - The Toy Pizza series on YouTube has a new episode online!

Episode 74 looks at test shots of their upcoming Knights of the Slice action figures. If you missed out on the Kickstarter, you can still order these Glyos-compatible figures on their page at WeLoveFine.

Toy Pizza Episode 63 & Comic Book Kickstarter

May 2015 - The Toy Pizza series on YouTube has a new episode online!

Episode 63 features Super Smash Bros toys.

Episode 62 features Crash Test Dummies figures from the 1990s.

Episode 61 shows several Mega Man prototype action figures from Jazwares.

They also have a Kickstarter campaign going for their Knights of the Slice comic book, which gives you the background story on the characters from their previous action figure Kickstarter.

Kickstarter: Wonder Crew Dolls for Boys

Wonder Crew Introduces Dolls for Boys, Now on Kickstarter

NORTHAMPTON, Mass., March 16, 2015 -- Wonder Crew (, a new line of dolls for boys created by psychotherapist and mother Laurel Wider, today announced the successful launch of its Kickstarter funding campaign. To back the project, visit:

Wider was inspired by the way play influences child development and frustrated by the many gender stereotypes that toys perpetuate. Wonder Crew's 15-inch soft-bodied dolls, referred to as Crewmates, combine the adventure of an action figure with the emotional connection of a favorite stuffed animal. They provide boys with the opportunity to build emotional intelligence and creativity, addressing the developmental needs of the whole boy rather than only those commonly recognized as masculine.

Kickstarter: Lost Protectors from Play With This Too

February 2015 - Fans of 6-inch action figures should head over to Kickstarter to check out the new campaign by Play With This Too. They have launched a campaign to create a series of action figures called Lost Protectors. The figures have interchangeable parts (via ball joint connectors) and plenty of accessories.

Kickstarter: Lost Protectors from Play With This Too - the campaign closes on March 29th.

Toy Pizza Episode 52: Glyos, Kickstarter

February 2015 - The Toy Pizza series on YouTube has a new episode online!

Episode 52 features a look at the Glyos interchangeable action figures and an overview of action figures on Kickstarter.

Don't forget to check out their action figure Kickstarter project!

Four Horsemen: Mythic Legions Kickstarter 50% Funded


February 2015 - WOW!! THANK YOU!! We are absolutely STUNNED!! In just under 66 hours and with only 300 amazing backers, you guys have already pushed our Mythic Legions Kickstarter campaign ( past the 50% funded mark!! Our initial goal is $140,000.00 in pledges and at just before 2:30pm today we hit $70,000.00! We appreciate it SO much and we can't begin to thank all of you enough for the support. We're absolutely humbled by this. So do us a favor, and pat yourselves on the back, and come by to introduce yourselves if you see us at any of the upcoming conventions so you can get a big sweaty hug from Cornboy and a face to face thank you from the rest of us. We're still a long way from being fully funded but with your help we're going to do this thing and the legion hordes are going to assault toy shelves worldwide! THANKS AGAIN!!

-Jim, Eric & Cornboy-

Four Horsemen: Mythic Legions Kickstarter


February 2015 - The Four Horsemen's highly anticipated Mythic Legions Kickstarter campaign is LIVE and running right now! Just march your armies over to right now to check out the various pledge levels and all of the add-ons and please help spread the word!


It's been almost a year to the date since we first debuted our Mythic Legions line at our 2014 Toypocalypse show, and a lot has changed in that year. The characters have changed, the number of characters sculpted has almost doubled, and after a year of debate amongst fans (and amongst us here at the studio too!) so has the line's scale. After a lot of thought, analysis, and consideration we are proud to officially announce that Mythic Legions is officially a 6" scaled line!

We know that there are going to be a lot of questions about the decision, so we wanted to touch on some of the reasons that we ultimately went in this direction:

Toy Pizza Episode 51: Favorite LEGO Sets

February 2015 - The Toy Pizza series on YouTube has a new episode online!

Episode 51 features their favorite five LEGO sets and a peek at the ThreeZero Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister figure.

Don't forget to check out their action figure Kickstarter project!

Toy Pizza Episode 50: Kickstarter!

January 2015 - The Toy Pizza series on YouTube has a new episode online!

Episode 50 features their action figure Kickstarter project!

Episode 49 had a focus on action figures that need to be identified - check out the mystery toys and see if you can help them out.

August 2014: Toys on Kickstarter

August 2014 - It's been a few weeks since the last round-up, but grab your wallet, because there are more action figures and toys on Kickstarter!

- Fresh Monkey Fiction is raising funds to produce Amazing Heroes: Retro Style Super Hero Action Figures. These are 4.75-inch action figures based on Golden Age comic book characters, except for the Blank Slate, which is a clever new creation. This campaign closes on August 28th.

- Sculptor Rocco Tartamella has a campaign to produce a 7-inch Street Fighter action figures. This campaign closes on August 20th.

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