Mobile Action Xtreme

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Diamond Select's Toy Fair Showroom Pics: Mobile Action Xtreme

Diamond Select Toys New York Toy Fair 2012 Round-Up: Mobile Action Xtreme

February 23, 2012 - We've got another batch of pictures from the Diamond Select Toys booth at New York Toy Fair 2012 -- and this time it's Mobile Action Xtreme! The rescue-themed Minimates line is back for a third go-round, and this time it's not Toys "R" Us exclusive -- that's right, MAX is going nationwide! In addition to showing off the third wave (with new Arctic and Night Ops sets, and new Soldier and Smokejumper paint schemes) DST showed off the updated Armored Personnel Carrier (now with battle station conversion) and debuted the second animated episode of Mobile Action Xtreme! Check out the episode and the new toys here! And for more on both, visit!

New episode hosted here:

First episode is here:

diamond select at 2012 toy fair

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