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Marvel Minimates Box Set: Hulk Through the Ages

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New Hulk-Themed Marvel Minimates Box Set is Strongest Box Set There Is!

November 20, 2012 - Only a select few Marvel characters have been given "Through the Ages" box sets entirely dedicated to them: Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine and soon Venom will make the cut. Well, the next "Through the Ages" set has been announced by Diamond Select Toys, and it features Marvel's heaviest hitter, the Hulk! Hulk up your Minimates collection with these four legendary and exciting new Hulks!

Four figures representing different eras in Hulk's life are included in the set:

- Joe Fixit, his grey-skinned enforcer persona from his time in Las Vegas; his Minimate will have a removable jacket, hat and tommy gun;
- Maestro, his evil future self who has defeated all of Earth's heroes; he will include a removable cape, crown and a trophy display;
- Barbarian Hulk, from his time living in Subterranea among the Moloids;

The Munsters Minimates Koaches

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The Munsters Minimates Get Moving in the New Minimates Koaches!

November 20, 2012 - The Munsters were one of the more unusual families in American television history, and their family car was just as unusual as they were! While the Munsters fused Transylvania with Suburbia, the Munster Koach fused a hearse with a hot rod, combining speed, size and solemnity into one classy package! Was this the world's first hybrid vehicle? Well, Diamond Select Toys is celebrating the Koach's place in car culture with two different Minimates vehicles -- one in color at Toys "R" Us and one in glorious black-and-white at comic shops and specialty stores. Both come with a Minimate of Herman Munster, but while the color version comes with an extra sad head, the monochrome edition comes wearing his famous drag-racing outfit! Check out the packaging pics below, and pick them both up today!

Series 2 Walking Dead Minimates Packaging Pictures

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The Walking Dead Minimates Outbreak Has Been Contained! Series 2 is in Package!

November 2012 - The Walking Dead Minimates Series 2, based on the hit comic book by Robert Kirkman, will arrive later this month from Diamond Select Toys, and we've got packaged pictures of the entire assortment! Andrea and her short-packed sister Amy (with zombies) will only be at comic shops and specialty stores, while Lori and Morgan (with zombies) will only be at Toys "R" Us and Shared between both markets will be a two-pack of zombies and the sword-wielding Michonne (with zombie)! Each Minimate is 2 inches tall and comes with multiple interchangeable parts and accessories.

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Check out the packaged pics below, then reserve your set at your local comic shop!

Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates Series 2 Packaging Shots

Get Ready for Round 2 with More Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates Series 2 Packaging Shots!

November 2012 - It's time for another battle! The first assortment of Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates was such a success that we had to bring the line back for another round, with even more of the famous fighters from the Street Fighter and Tekken video game franchises! That means 12 new fighters to face off with the 12 you already have!

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Series 2 includes:
Ryu vs. Yoshimitsu
Abel vs. Kazuya
Rufus vs. Julia (comic shop and specialty store exclusive)
Chun Li vs. Hwoarang (comic shop and specialty store exclusive)
Hugo vs. Heihachi (Toys "R" Us exclusive)
Rolento vs. Kuma (Toys "R" Us exclusive)

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Avengers vs. X-Men Minimates Box Set Coming to Toys'R'Us

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New AvX: Avengers vs. X-Men Minimates Box Set Coming Soon to Toys "R" Us!

November 9, 2012 - A few months ago, Diamond Select Toys asked you to vote on the next exclusive box set of Marvel Minimates for Toys "R" Us, based on the blockbuster Avengers vs. X-Men crossover event. The poll pitted three Avengers against three members of the Phoenix Five, with dominance of the box set hanging in the balance. Well, now the results are in!

The Avengers were the clear winners, with Phoenix Buster Iron Man, the Scarlet Witch and Protector taking three of the four spots in the set, with the remaining slot filled by Phoenix Five leader Cyclops! Plus, Iron Man's armor will open up to reveal a more bare-bones Iron Man Minimate inside! Phoenix Five Emma Frost and Colossus may not have made the cut this time around, but don't count them out yet -- they've both cheated death more than once.

New Photos of New Marvel Minimates in Action

New Photos of New Marvel Minimates in Action!

November 2012 - Marvel Minimates Series 47 and TRU Series 14 are in stores, and they're driving old-school comics fans wild!

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By "old-school," we of course mean fans of Chris Claremont's lengthy run on Uncanny X-Men, including the period of time in which he faked the team's death and moved them to an abandoned town in the Australian Outback. Even in the middle of nowhere, they still managed to run afoul of numerous enemies, including their old foes, the spacefaring Brood! Series 47 includes Wolverine, Rogue, Colossus, Dazzler and Longshot in their classic looks, plus an army-building Brood, who comes with regular Wolverine as well as a rare variant Brood-infected Wolverine!

Diamond Select Toys Celebrates Halloween ComicFest with a Horde of Horror Toys

Diamond Select Toys Celebrates Halloween ComicFest with a Horde of Horror Toys!

November 1, 2012 - Happy Halloween! Over the past few years, Diamond Select has established itself as the preeminent purveyor of horror toys, and this Halloween they're pulling out all the stops! In addition to a black-and-white Walking Dead Minimates two-pack that's exclusively available at comic stores participating in Halloween ComicFest, they have a horde of haunted merchandise that's available in comic shops everywhere!

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At comic shops and specialty stores now:
Alice: Madness Returns Select Figures Series 1
Mad Monster Party Figures Series 1
Munsters Select Eddie and Marilyn Figures
Muntsters Family Black-and-White Figure Box Set
Munsters Minimates Black-and-White Munster Koach with Hot Rod Herman
Universal Monsters Hunchback of Notre Dame Minimates Box Set

DST On Sale October 24: Mad Monster Party, Universal Monsters and The Munsters

In Stores This Week: Mad Monster Party, Universal Monsters and The Munsters

October 23, 2012 - One more week until Halloween, and Diamond Select Toys has turned up the terror on New Toy Day! This week, they're shipping plenty of horror-themed items to comic shops across America, as well as a new issue of the Battle Beasts comic book from IDW, so check in with your local store to see what they're getting!

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Mad Monster Party Select Action Figure Assortment

New York Comic-Con's Minimates Tenth Anniversary Exhibit a Big Hit


New York Comic-Con's Minimates Tenth Anniversary Exhibit a Big Hit

October 2012 - Minimates celebrated their 10th birthday with a bang, as over 100,000 fans attended this past weekend's New York Comic-Con, where the Minimates-related festivities were in full swing! An art exhibit, panel and two signings drew thousands of attendees, from die-hard Minimate fanatics to casual enthusiasts, and thousands of Minimates, pins and posters were given out over the course of the weekend. Manufacturer Diamond Select Toys also gave fans a glimpse at the future of the line!

DST On Sale October 17: X-Men Minimates, Universal Monsters and the Walking Dead

In Stores This Week: X-Men Minimates, Universal Monsters and the Walking Dead

October 17, 2012 - It's New Toy Day at your local comic shop, which means you need to head down there and stake your claim on the latest action figures from Diamond Select Toys! This week brings Minimates, 7" action figures and retro-style figures based on Marvel Comics, Universal Monsters and the Walking Dead! It's exciting and horrifying at the same time!

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diamond select toys

Marvel Minimates Series 47: X-Men vs. Brood

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