Anybody else think Maria Hill will be sold individually?

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But after the SDCC Helicarrier announcement I got to thinking that Maria Hill might show up in wave 4. I guess I'm being optimistic here (or just using some common sense) but there are a few things leading me to think this:

  1. Helicarrier Hill is using movie Widow's buck, but in SHIELD's comic colors - Wouldn't this be a simple running change during a production run of movie colors? I'm thinking it would be more cost effective to have a larger run of figures with a running change than a limited run with one color scheme.
  2. Maria Hill/Cobie Smulders is prominently featured in TRU's Avengers display - At first I thought it was weird that they had Nick Fury & Maria Hill there since Hasbro hadn't announced figures of either of them. Then Nick Fury was announced. Maybe Hill is next?

I guess we'll really know whether this is just wishful thinking when Hasbro releases a close-up shot of the figure, and we can see if the headsculpt looks like the Smulders or not.


Mr. Tibbs

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I believe so...

For me, unless the Hellicarrier is $50 to $75 with the Movie correct Hill, it's a pass for me. Too big, too expensive and no interior place for figures. Nice idea but including Hill at all in this set in a punch in the face, throw in a Battle Damaged Iron Man or a IM2 Nick Fury.

If Hasbro had used a different buck for the protoype other than Widows, I would be concerned, but I expect to see her in Movie Colors in Wave 4.