KMART toy sale for memorial, cheap Thundercats and GL

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Picked up a bunch of Thundercats stuff, 2.50 for 4 inchers, 5.50 for 6 inchers and 11 for the Thundercar. Also picked up some GL Classics for 5.99. Online they have the same prices, there's a 6 dollar Catman up for those that don't have him already.

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Picked up the Captain America movie 3 pack for $7.49 as well as some various building block toys (the Flash Trio set, Captain America movie mega blocks) all in the 50% all clearance toys sale.

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Picked up Ultimate Optimus for $22 and my third version of the B-wing fighter for $15.
I decided to pass on Winter Coat Capt. America ($3) Big smile .