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I've only been collecting action figures for a couple years now. Sometimes when I walk into comic book shops, or vinatge toy shops, there are always some older figures still in the packcage, but the the plastic is all yellow and basically ruined. Why does the plastic get like this? Is it from sitting in the sun, or do they all deteriorate like this after awhile? I'm trying to avoid this with my packaged figures.

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Yellowing has pretty much been the bane of everyone who collects things made of plastic. It's not just the sun that causes it, but smoking does as well. Read this, it's very detailed on the hows and whys of yellowing plastic as well as how to reverse the effect.


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Thanks for the article. All my stuff is relatively new, so none of it wll be going yellow yet, but it's still good to know. I don't smoke either, and I keep all my stuff locked away up in my attic. I wonder if anyone has actually tried this stuff on action figure packaging. I'd be afraid of getting it on the cardboard.