Hot Toys DX08 Nicholson Joker 12" Figure Review!

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Hey all!

Yeah, I know... I haven't posted since the death of the Old Buzz really. Sad Well, I am going to try and change that as I miss my old fellow Buzzers...

Figured I'd start my return to posting with a link to our Hot Toys 1989 Nicholson Joker review, since it just went up this morning over at my '89 Batman fansite,! Around 40 pics and a half hour video spotlight await here:

(Just to warn those unfamiliar with our video spotlights- Our review style is a bit different than most. Up to this point, we have mostly reviewed the Mattel MOTU Classics... but what we do is put a bunch of pictures of a figure and then my 9-year-old son Blaze and I ramble on about that specific figure in video format. It is fun for us because this is a hobby we share and we feel it is kinda neat to see 2 generations offering their views on a current product. It isn't for everybody though, so I won't be offended if you skip the video and just look at the pics.)



Check out my youtube channel for figure reviews! *Latest Review- War Machine 6" Movie Figure!

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Nice review. I just got in the 1989 Batman, which I'm pretty happy with, and I can't wait to get the Joker. Thanks for posting your thoughts on it.