Papo toys?

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Does anyone here collect Papo figures? It's apparently some French company and they make what are supposedly some good dinosaur figures. They also have some kind of fantasy figures, too. Where does one find these in stores, or is their stuff mostly online in the United States?

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I've found them at a more traditional, independent toy store in Nashville, Tennessee called Phillips Toy Mart. (Great place if you're ever in Nashville!) I've also gotten one from Hobby and craft stores also sometimes carry small assortments of similar figures. I know Hobby Lobby sells a nice variety of Schleich figures, including dinosaurs. And Michaels has a similar, if smaller, offering--or did in the past. Don't think I've seen Papo at either of those two retailers, though, but I could be wrong--or something may have changed.

Like Schleich figurines, there is little, if any, articulation, but the details are often very attractive. I really enjoy the human/animal hybrid fantasy figures from Papo and intend to complete that set over time.

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The cooler Papo stuff is usually sold at those fancy toy stores in the US. You know the ones where you can get the hand-made wooden blocks and educational stuff, a lot of larger towns have a store like that.

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I've seen a few at the local Hobby Lobby, but they are basically carried by the eclectic, non-chain toy stores. There are a lot of places that sell them online if you google Papo dinosaurs.

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I would try local specialty toy retailers or online at Happy Hen Toys. Just an idea.

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Try them at Micheal´s craft stores.

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Papo figures are great and I find the quality to be very good. If you go to the early learning centers they would have them for sure.
We don’t collect Papo but my son collects a very similar figure called ‘Schleich’. They are a german brand but made in China. Both Papo and Schleich have a huge range of dinosaurs, farm animals etc...

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I see them quite often here in Germany. They look pretty cool. Especially a fantasy line that features humanoid animals as gladiators. Those are very detailed and have great paintjobs.


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